TOM THUMB "Twin Sister"/Scratch Class

I like it. You get to the end of the sidewalk, pick it up and turn around. Don't want to get any of that dirty grass on your pretty new tires, huh? :001_tt2: Bike looks great. Shorter cables would be nice. Don't listen to all the nit pickers, remember who you built it for.

Now thanks to you nit pickers I have to go ggl the difference between cable clamps and zip ties, and figure out how to shorten my own cables. I swear it never ends. Once you think you're all done you find out there is a right way to do the stuff that you thought was good to go. At some point you have to :surrender: For some of us it's at the point of zip ties, for others it's when you get all the original hardware replated so every fricken 40 year old bolt is from the factory. That's what is cool about this site, seeing all the tricks from experienced mini bike builders and being able to learn from them.
I don't know how you keep from getting every charlie horse known to man. That thing is TINY! The girl and the bike look great on the street. Super nice job Karen. That's most excellent work.

:bowdown: Very nice attention to detail! I am putting together my first ever mini bike at 31 years old and seeing yours is great motorvation. Great work!
Thanks for posting that Yoop. Something happened with the upload. It was alot better on my phone:shrug: Thanks for all the compliments everybody. If you think that bike is small, I'm only 5'2.:laugh::laugh: I did a really fast ride today and all most crashed.:laugh::laugh: Hard to steer when your legs are above the bars.:laugh: Didn't anybody notice that I shortened the throttle cable today.:tongue: