TOM THUMB "Twin Sister"/Scratch Class

Thank you CarPlayLB (Eric) for the special decal. Made me a few other decals that I'm not sure where to put them. Its a small bike:laugh: Also made me a really cool Key chain. Need to get a photo of that. Eric makes the finishing touch on these projects just awesome:thumbsup: Did a bit of polishing. If it ever stops raining I will take a spin:thumbsup:

Looks really clean Karen. Any though of changing out the front knobby for a saw tooth? Just seems it would compliment the slick to me but I'm sawtooth biased...
Nice work!
I agree with Chad on the tire :shrug: I think it would look cleaner if you shortened the cables too :shrug:
I need to get some shorter cables and a new clutch. I just used a old clutch I had. It seems to be working ok but what the heck. I'm not getting a different tire, kinda getting sick of tinkering with this. Need to get ready for Windber. I just took it for the first test ride. Video soon:laugh::laugh:
all you have to do is remove the cable and use a cut off wheel to cut the conduit.

I'd get some cable clamps and lose the zip ties too