too much stuff. please reduce my clutter

Deville ... Like I said in our first conversation on the whereabouts of the part ... I'm sorry for your situation and my condolences go out to you and your family ... Communication .... Communication is all I expect ... I'm not asking for a refund either ... Just a part ...

Big Jim

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I am not pissed or angry deVille, life happens. The point is, if you would have shipped all the items by the 10 or 11, what happened on the 16 or 17 would have had no affect on us. If things were handled in a timely fashion, this never would have gotten this far.
But it does now, so lets go on.
I am an understanding and empathetic person, I have had tragedy in my life as most people have. My most sincere regards to you and you family in this torturous time.