1. David wulf

    Lucedale Ms flat track bikes

    Like it says these are my flat track bikes that iam taking down south to do battle with . My original 1970 Powell challenger model E ,My brothers 1967 Powell model B . Both are powered by slightly modified Briggs flatty's. The third bike is the somewhat famous super Powell . It has been lowered...
  2. MTchevy1

    WTB Briggs 8hp flat head parts

    Looking for a fuel tank, air cleaner assembly, and muffler for a long block I picked up. Let me know what you've got- thanks!
  3. Latent

    24mm flat slide + manifold wanted

    Looking for a 24mm flat slide with manifold.. mikuni, pwk, oko, etc thanks
  4. J

    5 hp flat head carb

    Question to the experts. During disassembly of the carb for clean and rebuild, I removed the spiral metal pc to get at the throttle plate screw. Any reason I have to put it back in? I am thinking I can leave it out. Pretty much destroyed it getting it out anyways. Thanks in advance Joe51

    Flat tires

    Nothing much worse than being out in the woods or desert, and getting a flat tire. Here's one I read about somewhere, and was wondering if anyone had tried it. This is for a new/good tire. Before setting the bead, you take a garden hose and feed in as much of it as you possibly can, coiling it...
  6. hotrodlarry

    New England guys - flat track play date?

    There's a MX track about 15-20 mins from my house that also has a flat track which may be 1/5th mile or just a tick smaller. The track owner has flat track bike/mini sprint/atv practices scheduled off and on during the summer months.I have a vintage rear engine go kart that I'd love to get out...
  7. L

    Wanted 3 or 5 hp flat head Briggs in Illinois

    Looking for a running 3 or 5 hp flathead Briggs for my boys go cart truck. Predator is going to require modifications.
  8. glenn baine

    Glenn Baine's - BRONCCO FLAT TRACK RACER - (Vintage Open)

    since am far along with my other build i need to to get this one done ( it only been like this for 3 years) if you cant be in 2 class just let me know good luck to ever one thanks for having me.:scooter:
  9. Flat


    Flat Out
  10. Flat


    Flat Out
  11. P

    Rupp Tire is Flat - Please help.

    Can anyone make a recommendation on best place to get Rupp Roadster2 Tire fixed? Not taking in air - not sure if it's the valve. Wondering if the original tire RUPP TRAILS tire that's on there is just too old for kids to be riding on it... Thanks for your feedback! Pat
  12. Not so mini bike

    Mikuni 24mm flat slide carb

    Real never used brand spanking new carb. $75 shipped
  13. S

    Taco 44 flat swing arms and fork triple trees

    I made up a few Taco 44 flat swing arms and taco fork triple trees .....the flat swing arms a weld could be added to make them perfect but work just fine with out .....$40 shipped as I only have a few .......The triple trees are $35 shipped as I have many .....im full on OldMiniBikes file photos so e...
  14. D

    Tm34 flat slide mikuni tuning

    I have a bigblock with ported head, big valves, header, billet rod and flywheel, cam, and a 34mm mikuni. It came with a 280 main and 50 pilot which is way big and running pig rich. I was wanting to know what jet size on gas some of y'all are using with this carb so I can get close without...
  15. 125ccCrazy

    wanted: gx390/420 billet rod, cam, intake manifold, flat top piston for a 420cc

    looking for a good used or new stock length rod, cam no bigger than 360 lift, intake manifold for Mikuni...
  16. H

    shaky 5hp flat head

    Hello. I got a 5 hp flat head mounted on my Cushman airborne build. Just got the throttle wire and brake working the other day and took the first test drive only to discover a terrible vibration in the handlebars at mid rpm. At idle and higher revs it's fine but the mids are not fun. The briggs...
  17. OND

    * Just Another Flat Head Build *

    Just what the title says " Just Another Flat Head Build " I'm building a 1994 Briggs & Stratton 5hp cool bore engine, no big high rpm build here ...hopefully just a good sounding , clean build.:wink: I have a special place for this engine....and no its not for a build off !:laugh: Seeing how...
  18. AJaxMini

    1st LiL Indian flat guard

    My brother and I made up a couple of these guards recently. I've been needing different LiL Indian guards for my projects and have been working out how to make them. This guard takes some extra welding around the front edge so there is a little blow through to the back side but not a lot and...
  19. Peekster

    Dunecycle Flat tracker

    Just got it back from powder coat. started to work on axle set up. Decided to go with a straight axle with this one. ( Circle Track only ) Keeping band brakes (dont need brakes) Only for looks.
  20. markus

    1968/69 Lil Indian flat chainguard info??

    Anyone know if the flat face chianguards used on lil indian around 1969 are about the same dimensions as the later pressed face guards? Anyone ever been lucky enough to have both at the same time :shrug: Also info on what they used for mount as they appear to be bolt on to the guard. I have...