torque convertor ?

Hi i have a coleman with a honda 270 and im thinking about a torque convertor which one will handle the power the engine has upgrades and 1 inch shaft i may upgrade to a 420
There are some different types of riding that favor a Torque Converter over a Centrifugal Clutch. There are situations where the centrifugal clutch ( CC ) doesnt get a chance to fully engage like slowly going through a forrest or dry creek bed at 2 mph and the CC will heat up to red hot and burn the lube off the bushings on the crankshaft and possibly remove the temper from the clutch springs which will adversely affect CC operation. If you were however to make a twenty mile trip daily on a country road where the CC was fully engaged from the beginning, that clutch setup would probably last a thousand miles.... assuming you lubed the bushings in the CC and jackshaft routinely. The point being the CC would never get hot. So anything riding mission that is bad for the CC would be better handled with the Torque Converter. However there are grey debated circumstances..... Some would say the TQ is better at long distance road work due to the change in gear ratios at high speeds. It is true that the shifting of the TQ tranny can be beneficial for speed or reducing engine RPMs at higher speeds but the belts used will never last as long as
the CC that never gets overheated. That aspect could be a short term vs long term argument.