Vintage Tote Gote Model 404

Good luck WB worriors. Iam new to this site and also have a 404 that I am working on to get it back on the road ( or dirt) as that might where it ends up being used.
We are currently making a template for the side screen. Sorry it is going so slow we are only able to work on the mini bike once a week. We got our bearings and we are still waiting for my dad to bore the sprockets. The frame is damaged in two places. We just ordered bushings for the forks. Next week we are going to clean and see if the engine runs.


I did mine the same way. I cut the screen the same size as the opening, then welded the 1/2" strip so the edge of the screen was in the center of the strip. When I welded the clips, I laid the frame on top of the screen in the same way.
Mr. Davis said he got the idea from you! Hey this is Miranda, and last night we got the engine out to see it would start. Mr. Davis played around with it to see if it would start and the first couple times it wouldn't start, and Mr. Davis had Sam put her thumb on the spark plug hole and the spark plug wire shocked her, but then a few minutes later it started up, and then Mr. Davis had me start it and it fired up on the first try. Click here to see the video of me firing it up.

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We like the old look of our engine, and we were wondering if we had to paint it, or if we could keep the old look to it. And we were wondering if it would affect the way it was judged. And the frame is sandblasted, but there were some holes in the bottom, that we have to fix.


Good work! I don't think painting the motor would affect judging, everyone does it. Use a good heat resistant paint.
We talked about that in class today. They were telling me that they liked the old bike look of the engine. I told them to ask the forum. They should be painting the frame this week. After sandblasting there was rust that was hidden by the old paint.
Hello, so we are trying to get the sprockets rebored because my dad bored them incorrectly, and trying to figure out how to hook the throttle up(a picture would be great), and were making the left side cover.
We got the sprocket Mr. Davis ordered so we should be ready to put it together. We have been having trouble finding time to work so we got with Mr. Davis and we are going to meet on Saturday to get our bike done. He says we should make it. One other thing, we can't find the right mesh for the side cover so we have to leave that off, sorry.