Turning a comet 20 at 8,250 RPM's

Well I've build a another flat track bike out of the infamous super Powell . I've taken off the Powell frame rails and foot plates . And I've gone with single down tube and still have the kart style motor mount . The foot rest are a one piece design that clamps on just like the motor mount does .
I have my red clone on this bike for power and the drive system is a modified comet 20 TAV , with six inch driven . The driven is locked up ITH a steel sleeve and the driver has a steel sleeve to keep it from closing all the way . What do you get when you do this , a Comet 20 that I got to 8,250 RPM's and is capable of getting a little more with some tuning.
Well this is not setup for top speed . The way the TAV driven is locked you keep a low gear and she really doesn't go in to the higher range or Overdrive . This setup is for short track racing on a kart track .

joshua. c.

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this is interesting haw many rpms did it reach in stock form? at 8250 rpms even with low gearing that still must be fast, it would be cool to find out the exact mph. also if you swapped out to a higher gearing increasing the load on the engine would your modification still achieve the same rpms or would it bog down? I have been thinking of building a new cam for the driven of my 30 series with longer ramps to increase the distance the clutch has to travel and twist the spring to reach full shift, slowing the upshift a lot to achieve a similar result but still get the full shift range. what are your thoughts on that?