two 1970 Speedway Silver Shadow's lighted and non-lighted

These two 1970 Silver Shadows I had restored. One is a very rare lighted bike the other one is a motocross version.
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Two very rare Speedway Black Shadow's, a 1971 and a 1972. The 1971 is the only one that I know of. I know of two other 1972's. The 1971 had a bigger carb with a handlebar choke. Even thou the engine mounts, TC cover and exhaust mount had the same part number from 1971 and 1972 they were completely different parts image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
I have this crazy goal to have all of the Speedway Sachs bikes together in my collection. I am only missing one, and I am not going to say which one until I find it. Looking forward to finishing the Super Bitch for the Minibike Reunion this year!
1970 Silver Shadow motocross
1970 Silver Shadow Lighted
1971 Silver Shadow motocross
1971 Silver Shadow Lighted
1971 Black Shadow
1972 Black Shadow
1972 Widow maker
1973 Widow Maker
1971 Super Bitch
1972 Super Spyder
1973 Super Spyder


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Very nice collection!
Only in Ohio would you find that many one would think.
They are neat.
Thanks for sharing, look forward to seeing you at Windber.
Nice collection you have there. I never heard of the super bitch before, well there was this girl in high school back in the 80's a crazy redhead who had this name but we wont go there. But i think i like the bike more. :laugh:
About a week and a half ago a guy had a silver shadow up on north dakota craigslist for 500. No pictures so not sure it was a silver shadow but he did say it had the sachs 125 engine. I tried to get it but it was long gone by the time i called the next day. Anybody here get it ?
I thought i read somewhere that there were only 22 speedway silver shadows made. Can anyone testify if that is true?
It was said there was 22 70 silver shadows and 50 71's but who really knows for sure. Speedway bought all their 125 Sachs engines in 69 or 70 I heard. That's why they all had the cast iron cylinders with the butch head. The Sachs 5a with cast iron cylinder an butch head wasnt even in production when most of these bikes came out.
The story goes in 1970 300 engines were purchased from Sachs. These engines accounted for the engines used on 1970 and 71 Silver Shadows, 1972 and 73 Super Spyder's. There were supposedly 22-25 1970 Silver Shadow's made (I personally restored 4 of them for different people) and 150 plus 1971 Silver Shadow's (I personally restored 5 of them). The remainder of the engines were used on Super Spyder's. I have a pretty detailed list of all of the Silver Shadows that are know. The VIN numbers are very consecutive but the engine numbers are all over the place. I found 71 bikes with the original engine that have an earlier number then the 1970 bikes with the original engines. This confirms to me that all of the engines were purchased at the same time.
Speedway did have a Silver Shadow buy back/exchange program for a Tecumseh powered Speedway due to lawsuits and unhappy parents.

For people who had the privilege of riding one, it is an unforgettable experience!
Awesome collection...truly one of the rarest bikes around. Though I have a Volcano and I love my Broncco's, and I think the 'Mini Monster' might be even more rare, the Silver Shadow has always been a 'holy grail' bike for me...One day I'll have one. You are obviously a true collector. Much respect.

Just for fun, any truth to some of the comments that the Volcano was the quicker/faster bike?

Pretty cool Magazine edition...Volcano and Silver Shadow in the same month! I like the 'ribbed' tank the best...

STA70014.jpg T2eC16FHJGYE9nooiKyUBQ8y-OLivg_60_57.jpg
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I never rode a Volcano, but I have talked to people who have rode both; I was told the Volcano has a quicker top speed, but the Speedway Silver Shadow is more powerful. The Minibike Magazine that had both bike in it said on the cover about the 1970 Silver Shadow "The worlds fastest stock mini" The argument will continue lol... Thank you for the compliments about my collectection.