1. ReapersRide

    1973 Montgomery Wards Silver Streak Go Kart

    Does anyone have photos, brochures or Intel on a 1973 Montgomery Wards Silver Streak Go Kart. My daughter is thinking of doing a deal on one Thank you for any information. Reaper
  2. Gatecrasher

    Ever Since I Was A Young Boy I've Played The Silver Ball!!!

    Well, I'm getting ready for the big event here in Allentown, PA next weekend. The 2017 PINFEST pinball show at the Allentown Fairgrounds. Show schedule for this event will be: Thursday May 4th (setup only for vendors and free play) 1:00pm to 9:00pm Friday May 5th from 12:00 pm to...
  3. capguncowboy

    NOS Hunt Wilde Flexon Touring Bag (Silver sparkle)

    I got this in a box of stuff. The box is a little beat up but the bag is in perfect original condition. I think these were offered as an option for Schwinn Bicycles and a few others, but they'd work on a mini bike too. I am having a problem with pictures right now, but can text pictures upon...
  4. tyleryamaha

    Speedway Silver Shadow

    Nice Speedway Silver Shadow for sale on E Bay
  5. P

    1971 Prototype Silver Shadow

    I found the original prototype 1971 Silver Shadow bike. This bike is the SST Sachs (Silver Shadow Trail) bike that was used in the 1971 Popular Cycle Magazine test bike. It was also used in all of the 1971 Speedway advertising. The difference between this bike and the production 1971 Silver...
  6. B

    WANTED: Complete AIR BREATHER set up for a Vintage TECUMSEH H35 in SILVER

    WANTED: Complete AIR BREATHER set up for a TECUMSEH H35 in SILVER. Looking for a 46 year old nice looking original set up. Motor Plate says the following. Model H35-451426 Serial 0013 03569 Appreciate the help!! Thanks.
  7. Ajf

    1970 speedway silver shadow exhaust

    I'm looking for an exhaust for a 1970 speedway silver shadow. Please pm or if your not an OldMiniBikes member email me at .
  8. M

    1970 Rupp Roadster Engine / Gas Tank Silver Paint

    The website lists a silver paint code for 1970 but it doesn't say it's for the engine or gas tank. Can I assume this color is for the engine and gas tank and that they are the same color? Anyone know if the code they list "Microfine Silver", "MB 516" is the right color...

    Did tecumseh Make a H50 in silver?

    I recently found a Rupp It has a Silver H Tec motor on it. I have seen white and black but not silver. Now on the HS motors I have seen Silver Tecumseh. Can anyone confirm? This one is off a Goat.
  10. M

    Sachs Silver Shadow Speedway, exaust and lamp

    Hi Folks, i found an exaust ( used but good ) and a new front lamp ( inclouding some wirecable and the key ) for an 1970/71 Speedway minibike with an 125 cc sachs engine. If you want to buy the parts, please let me know. The things are in Germany, but i could send it to USA. Here are...
  11. Ajf

    Holy grail silver shadow

    Other Makes Speedway Rupp Bonanza Vintage Mini Bike | eBay
  12. Jamie1972

    Silver or Gold....?

    Did the 64-69 Rupp Minibike seats come "orig." with gold or silver pipeing on the seats...!? Karen and I and "Someone else" had a calm but slightly un convincing conversation on this topic. Karen and I have never seen a silver one....Only gold.. This other person insisted they where silver...
  13. C

    Whats the silver sealent on some tecumseh head gaskets?

    I had a tecumseh engine with silver crap all over the head gasket and Im pretty sure it came like that from the factory but I cant find anything on google. I removed the head on a hsk50 and cleaned it all up and installed but I didnt torque it down hard enough.
  14. T

    Hello all OldMiniBikes members, Todd here from MN. I have 1970 & 71 speedway silver shadow

    I'm currently battling and suffering from chronic Lyme disease. I joined 1-1/2 years ago but got confused when I would try posting so I would just give up. it's not you it's me and the effects of Lyme disease. I love minibikes, 1967 & 68 Camaro's and riding my 2012 Harley cvo streetglide. I...
  15. M

    is there a difference?

    Ok so i kinda started noticing all the different colors orange,black ,silver,gold white .and even a blue motor,does the color mean anything
  16. WrenchDad

    3 wheelers and kart ID

    Hi guys These are at an auction close to me on Saturday Is the kart any thing decent (vintage or good quality) under that formula body and can anyone ID the three wheelers? the one picture shows one with an engine , I don't know if it's original or not The other picture looks like there is at...
  17. Jamie1972

    Ignorance is bliss.....

    The statement is true....(IMO) there is a "71 silver RUPP" engine on ebay. Ignorance....( open bidder w/ 22 feedback opens at 485.00+53.00 shipping) Bliss......Because the seller has him "hook, line and sinker" on a silver 71 that never exsisted on a RUPP.! Can you say.......DOAH! HAND TO...
  18. P

    1970 speedway Silver Shadow

    my 1970 speedway Silver Shadow is finally almost done. I wanted to post some pics. I still need to put the chain on and the kicker.
  19. image3187