Vintage Rupp Continental Custom Restoration

Todays Headlight and battery box class...

Here is what the battery box and headlight look like but not the tail light for your bike.

Rupp Blackwidow minibike mini bike headlight kit
This kit your showing that is a 70's or so later model light kit PN 16849 out of the package. It's completly not a stock item for the 64 thru 66. Notice this has a web type mount on the back of the headlight. The headlight is completly re-designed in the later model and they done away with the old dual battery system to a single battery box system - it does look like it has a nice chrome box though... Impressive light kit I think !!!

Now this is the correct headlight for that era 64 - 66 it has a different mount that requires a small solid metal square stock drilled out in a T pattern inside of it to mount with and utilizes the Rupp factory pre drilled small hole on the top front fork triple tree plate and a little bolt goes through it and screws into the square stock light bracket as the following photo's show.

Now you can note how the later model mounts with a mounting bracket that's held on by the neck bolt. You will also note that the headlight switch is mounted optional small battery box in the above photo's.

What's trick about these headlight buckets are is the 4 in 12 volt solid glass headlight bulb fit's in these with no problem at all - so those of you that have 12v charging coils in your motor you can run these headlights...

Note the headlight Levit electrical light switch was installed by me into a more modern headlight housing with the flat plate mounting bracket so that's not stock for my other Continental bike I have - but running dual batteries I had to install the switch into the headlight housing. Anyway it's completely wrong for my 1965 Rupp - I'll take it off because I found another correct light for it not long ago.

Now here is a original U clamp that holds the dual 6v batteries in under the seat pan.

Now here is the litterature from O.E.M Cyclops mfg - showing the old Rupp hardtail Continental Special frame. These kits were made by Cyclops mfg for Rupp. But also sold 6v kits for bicycles and even Skat Kitty used them too.

and someones Scatt Kitty with the Cyclops headlight mounted so it was a very universal light kit - the headlight even shows up on the late 1950's era Ray o Vac sportsman 6v fold away lantern - does that "Headlight" look familar.

My Rupp has to have a chrome tray of some type that Rupp used - other wise the dual 6v batteries will fall out because the battery wires up at the back of the bike. I'll have to make a chrome tray for both of the bikes I guess.

Here is a pic of a 64 with the dual batteries... Nice Red Rupp Continental with a nice play bunny sitting on it and old neat looking side exhaust tecumseh sitting in the cradle...

But Thank you for the reply !!! :thumbsup:
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That bike is sweeeet, OLE4.:)
Think the Rupp I had in the early to mid 70's, was a Continental.
I remember that it had a 3 speed tranny on it with a diaphragm clutch, that some one configured for it.
Have no idea who did that mod for it, or what the tranny ect. was,, as I bought it ''well used'' & put an engine on it.
It did fly though, & the trans & clutch worked great..
Not sure of the year either,, but it seemed like it had short exposed springs over the front suspension forks, but didn't have exposed springs on the rear shocks.
I do know the sprocket was on the left side, as my ''dumb ass'' neighbor pulled the recoil while I was messing with the chain or something,, & my left little finger got caught between the sprocket teeth & chain.
Went & got 4 stitches for that one, & still have the scar today.:rolleyes:

Would love to find that bike again …...
Have a pic or two somewhere, I do know one was taken from a trip with it mounted to the back of an RV.
I will post a pic or two if & when I can find them …...


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You did a great job on restoring that Rupp Continental!. As to period correct it is getting really hard to restore a 50+ year old bike to all original condition. Some of the parts are either really expensive and hard to find on ebay or they are simply unavailable. I hope my bike looks as good as your bike when I am done with it. :)
Ya I see it. Do you dare ride one past 60mph?
Believe it or not i have only ridden two bikes Bonanza ace 90 one block once Lol.. And a Bonanza Chopper 4 hp cr500. Lol i live were you can't even start one without the Police standing behind you...Lol Over 60 mph...Lol...I also have twin 820s West Bend Bonanza Vintage Drag Bike 1967 Jack Spitzer Bike RIP. . Double Trouble...But if you knew me you would laugh because i Love Fast cars and had them all. Lol. Grew up next to Drag Strip and Father use to run at Daytona NASCAR. Last year was 69 but for 13 years last race was Fatal crash at Daytona Don Mactavish crash. Sad. I was 11 then we were running a 1964 GTO orange #69 i had a Mickey Thompson Mini Bike then my first i wore the teath off the back sprocket . They were in pits next to us.
That red tank bike next to Blue 1966 Horstman ace 90 bike is claimed to be fast by brochure especially back in 1963 it is a Maico Engray Spitfire 1963 orginal survivor 16 hp 2cycle 175cc Maico engine....I really just play around with old school primitive...But these so called 1000 hp Super cars are being eaton up by noiseless teslas Lol. Now 10 years or less we will laugh at Nitro and we will call it Volts and Watts. On the hood. Lol. Lets not forget the steam engine. Lol