Wanted: MTD Trail Flite Fuel tank.

I have a MTD Trail Flite and need a fuel tank for it. Mine has messed up deformed threads for the gas cap and it leaks.
Here is what the tank looks like.



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Let me guess on the leak, right down the center seam?

JB weld will hold for a long time if that's the case.
The tabs on the frames are usually drunk welded on and not in line with each other, which forces the metal tabs encased in the plastic to tear at the seam line.
Had three that way over the years.

Dang nice looking Trail Flite by the way. Must not have had much gas spilled onto it for the decals to still be present on the tank.
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No sir. The seem isn't split. The top portion of the threads are messed up. The cap won't seal well. If I get the cap on "just right", it doesn't leak very much. Getting it on just right, isn't right. I want a tank with a good neck and threads.
The decals are starting to peel. The other side is worse.
Yes. It is a nice Trail Flight with working lights :) I just got it a week ago. It wasn't cheap but I wanted it... It runs great.
It can't have a lot of miles/hours on it. I took all 4 Sebac shocks apart (came apart very easy), cleaned the gook out of them and put them back together. The shafts weren't rusted and the nylon friction tube things were still nice and tight. I took the suspensions apart, nothing loose or worn. It all moves just like factory. The clutches and belt were shot. I put on new Comet style clutches and a new belt (had to move engine back 1/4" as they don't make a belt that fits without moving the engine back). I put on a new heavy duty chain and it runs and rides great. The Only problem I have is the gas leaking from the filler area.
I also changed the handlebars. The ones on it had bad peeling chrome. I put on a nice set of Rupp bars I had. I also put on new chrome fenders as the originals had bad chrome also. I'm very happy with minibike. I'll be happier once the gas leak is fixed :smile:

OH, Is there anyone reproducing decals?


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