1. gwoods27

    TrailHorse clutch brake wanted

    Looking for this “TrailHorse” clutch brake See attached pic
  2. gwoods27

    WTB Trail Horse full suspension frame

    Looking for a Trail Horse full suspension roller or full minibike.
  3. Rake and trail view.jpg

    Rake and trail view.jpg

    Wheelbase, rake, trail and offset dimensions
  4. MTD trail flite

    MTD trail flite

    MTD trail flite
  5. Trail Horse

    Trail Horse

    Trail Horse clutch guard
  6. IMG_19264


    DMP Trail ChampBuild off pics
  7. IMG_19244


    DMP Trail ChampBuild off pics
  8. P

    Fox Trail Tramp lighting

    I have a 69' Trail Tramp and I cant for the life of me figure out how the brake light works. It seems very simple but it doesn't make sense to me. Also, if there are any lighting wiring schematics out there, that would be helpful with my headlight wiring as well. Thanks!!
  9. G

    1972 Suzuki Trail Hopper

    Where can I find some info on this model? I have the chance to buy a pretty rough looking one. Owner says no spark..Is the ignition system pretty simple??? Coil, points Also what are some of the major things to look at on this model...Thanks
  10. C

    Mustang Trail Machine- Looking for Restorer

    I am looking for an individual or shop, located in Arizona, who had restored (within the past few years) a 1961 Mustang Trail Machine with an 8.5HP B&S. Sound familiar to anyone here? I know little about these Mustangs but it appears a 5.75HP B&S was OE so this fully-refinished example is a...
  11. james ackerman

    Wtb trail horse fenders or fitable fenders.

    Looking for a set of fenders for a trail horse any condition ok as long as they are not roaches, or if anyone knows of a fenders that will mount up to the brackets for the fenders.
  12. R

    VT-5 Trail bronc super bronc in NJ

    I am selling a vt-5 trail bronc it runs but needs finishing work has a non original hs50 that runs pretty good and does not smoke and has a lighting coil and you could hook up electric start also.Has torque converter and the brake set up and they work tires are original and hold air but do have...
  13. R

    heald super bronc trail bronc vt8

    Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the info. I don't know much about the Heald bikes. I just went by what was on the cover. Thanks again everyone who pointed it out. Heald super bronc trail bronc VT8 | eBay
  14. K

    Pacesetter Trail Buck (1973?)

    Good Morning, My first post here on this website. I have a 1973 Pacesetter Trail Buck that I've torn down and have started the rebuild. It has the original Tecumseh H70 7hp motor and a Comet Industries asymmetrical torque converter that I can't find too much info about. Anyhow, here...
  15. trinik7597

    Trail horse build ( the shocker )

    Been wanting to do an external shock model for a while now ... Picked this bike up last year at winber from clutchkiller .. going to build it for a very good friend of mine . Should be fun !! Grabbed the big rear sebacs from Carplaylb a while back and the smaller front ones from notsomini over...
  16. H

    Huskee Trail Rider

    Hello, I recently bought a Huskee Trail Rider for $20, It has no seat ,but i put a bike seat on temporarily. I'm wondering how much hp is the b and s motor.
  17. B

    Trail bronc roller for sale

    I have a nice trail bronc for sale
  18. derekbmn

    ~** Fox Trail Scamp, Tramp, Condor ? **~

    Listing another one for my Dad. Bike is unfinished but runs (slowly:laugh:) Has a Tec H35 side popper (may be a little tired, but it looks real good) bike rides very nicely :thumbsup: Please PM me. Thanks !!! $300 OBO. Located in Southern Mn
  19. Acolytus

    Suzuki Trail Hopper CL find

    So currently visiting Detroit at the moment and came across these on CL: I have heard of these before and I know nothing about them. Is this a great deal or are they junk?
  20. derekbmn

    ~**Huskee Trail Rider (Resto Mod)**~ L@@K

    Listing this up for the old man. Lots of time went into this one. 4" Tristar on the front and 6" on the back. Sawtooth tires. Tec H30 Side Popper.....runs and stops great !!! Located in Southern Minnesota. $375 OBO. Please PM me :thumbsup: Here's some pic of some of the work on the bike...