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If you want to check out some old ad brochures to see if your bike is in it, check out these photo albums

Wayne's Minibike Ads. Brands A-K, By Manufactures - Old Mini Bikes Photo Gallery

Wayne's Minibike Ads. Brands L-Z, By Manufactures - Old Mini Bikes Photo Gallery

and there are a few on the oldminibikes.com home page you can check out.

It says access denied when I click link. I have an old mini bike I'd like to identify. I found a picture of it on the cover of a magazine but I can't find anything else. I know it's a charger or supercharger from the magazine cover. It's all pretty much there except for the seat cover and pull rope assembly. The tank is unique and I haven't seen another like it and if I did it had seams as mine does not. received_196750565486562.jpeg received_468132814573372.jpeg