What a great site!

I just joined this page tonight. I had a minibike fifty years ago and for some reason I want one again. I don't know what make mine was, but when I bought it, it had a Mac 6 on it with direct drive, no clutch. It was geared so that one had to ride it very fast just to keep the engine from loading up. I soon put a clutch on it, but it was still finicky to run because the motor was really, of course, made to be used for racing gokarts. My Dad kindly let me temporarily put his Briggs lawnmower engine on it, and I used a belt drive with the clutch from the Toro reel mower.

Now, I'm thinking of buying a minibike kit and putting a Lifran 110cc motor/gearbox on it. My main concern is fitting the Lifran. It looks to me like the Azusa frame would require the motor to be mounted high and at an angle. I have seen some longer wheelbase minibikes on the internet, mostly Ruttmans, but a few others as well. My question is, does anyone know of a brand new kit that has a longer wheelbase?
Hi Aston. welcome to the site ..

"What a great site!" ... I know, right!!

From a performance perspective you can do better than a Lifan motor without having to shift.
With the thought of just getting back into it I would suggest going on Craigs List find something that catches your eye and go from there.

I'm 53 ... in 1975 I had normal type mini bikes ... when I got back into minis a few years ago I realized I'm older, bigger and fatter! For me Larger minis like Heathkit Hilltoppers and Heald type bikes that were bigger with "snowmobile type clutches" and suspension were just my style.

While the site dosent allow asking what the value of a bike is you want to sell it is OK to ask if a bike is worth what a seller is asking ... if you find something ask questions, the guys and gals here are a cornucopia of knowledge.

And that's another thing about this site Aston Jag, if you have an idea it may have already been done and there's a clear road map of how to get there ...

Great Site Indeed!
I hear ya Raskin!
People look at you like your a rube when you say mini bike ...

But for me its really a family thing ... its simply something everyone from 5 (younger if they ride with you) up to whatever can join in the fun ... gets you out of the house and into the world!