what are you listening to v.2.0

Not now, but this afternoon in the garage, I put Frank Zappa in the disc player. Apostrophe is the name of the album. Nanook the Eskimo, Don't eat yellow snow. Its a long story and it made me wish I still did acid.
I have the disc somewhere.

Frank Zappa was amazing. All that musical talent, and was still able to incorporate satire, and humor.

My first big exposure to his music was from a gifted album...Frank Zappa and the mothers of invention 'Just another band from LA'

I hope he will be remembered as one of the greatest composers of the 20th century.
Zappa was a genius all the way around. I like everything he did and play “Joe’s Garage” often in my shop. When he testified in front of congress (about the advisory label) they thought that they were going to make a fool of Frank. They didn’t know what they were in for as MR. Zappa made them look silly. It was a beautiful thing.


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Apostrophe was kind of an edit or a re=release of the original from the hippy days. It was titled "Weasels rip my flesh" If anybody has a copy......
I want a copy. He did all of the instrumentals, voice, editing and it was awesome.
If you are a Zappa fan, Apostrophe is still available.