WhAt does this fit / Chrome Expanison chamber???

I was looking throught an old junk yard over the weekend and found this awesome chrome expanison chamber so i had to buy it. I was wondering if anyone know what this pipe may fit? I think it maybe a aftermarket exhaust so it might be hard but maybe i we can narrow it down to what motor it fits by the different looking exhaust flange. The shape/ curve of the exhaust looks like it mounts to the motor and swing through the frame and exits out the center of the bike. I would love to find out what it fits because i may just need to the find the rest of the bike lolo. :thumbsup:

It looks like the exhaust port they use on the Tec two cycle motors..

probably was some Chinese scooter contraption or something at one time..

I'd try it on a Tec two stroke.. :laugh:
yea, that one is very close but that is a 1970 silver shadow and the pipe i found fits a 1971 silver shadow lol. I wish i could find event the frame that went with this exhaust lol.
I think anything BUT a Speedway Silver Shadow-Sorry but I would bet on it. B. Kraft
Whatever it is it looks to be modded on the flange maybe to fit a McCulloch on a kart or something??:shrug:
So your telling me that this pipe is not the same at thie mini bike guide of Speedway silver shadow April 1971????? If you look at the picture, you can see the exhaust clamp at the rear of the exhaust. My exhaust event has the same clamping marks.

Dam-I do believe I WAS wrong. I do now after actually doing my homework believe 1970 speedway silver shadow sst. Probably a pretty rare piece but the rest might be a bit rarer-or at least harder to find. Anyway it is just for what I just stated-I think. :doah:
Sorry for going back on a best answered but I felt the need to correct a mistake-
SLY, i think you are wright, but to realy be shur ask chum lee he knows
all, nice find sly,i think i would camp out at that salvage yard! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::smile: