What not to use over powdercoat

Want to redo the paint on a red powerdercoated db30. Considering using the existing finish as base to paint over since it's factory smooth (or maybe I'm just not up to sanding it all off).

Anyone here use a brand/type of paint that totally backfired on you that you applied over a powdercoat?


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In order for the new paint to stick properly you'll need to scuff up the powder coating with some light weight sandpaper or a wire wheel. I would recommend priming it first with a self etching primer but you don't have to. Powder coat is an excellent base and anything you put over it should be fine.


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Use Dupli-color engine paint . The color Red is a perfect match ! Not Ford red but red .With just a little sanding and I always wipe off the surface with alcohol to clean any oil off you'll never know it was painted.