1. C

    Forks- Chrome vs. Powdercoat

    At the point where I must make a decision on fork finish. Metal is not blemish-free. I could chrome and put-up with any nicks that show through the plating or powdercoat in super chrome and hide any irregularities. This mini was produced with both plated forks and painted with chrome...
  2. H

    Aggie 97 paint or powdercoat

    I have an aggie 97 decal (Trailhopper) and want to put it on a deserving frame. My Ag97 is currently rattle can dark blue and surface rust. See pic 2. I would like to go back to the original light blue color (similar to pic I took from file, pic 1), and think I might find original blue under old...
  3. Timmahhhhh

    1968 Cyclops Roller For Sale (Revised Photos)

    I have a 1968 Cyclops L400 roller for sale. It has 6" wheels-a steel two piece rear,and a TriStar front. The sprocket is a 67 tooth,and the tires are almost new 4.10/3.50 x 6 scooter tires. There are some marks on the right handlebar where the throttle was installed,but the throttle should hide...
  4. M

    Sandblasting & Powdercoat Quote FAIR?

    Just got a quote of $450.00 to have 2 frames, 2 fenders, 2 handlebar/fork assemblies blasted and powder coated {same color on both}. Is that a fair price? Thanks in advance...
  5. Custom Manco Gokart Build

    Custom Manco Gokart Build

    Got three estimates for the frame, rims and engine shroud. Great deal from Westside powder coating in Houston @ Getpowder.com
  6. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    First parts order to arrive. Let's see what we got.
  7. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Makeshift Kart shop and stand, Below is my daughter's thunderkart. Custm pink paint and upholstery. Stock engine, governor removed.
  8. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Gokart Build
  9. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Gokart Build
  10. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Looks pretty rough, but the frame is strong and straight. No cracks or broken welds.
  11. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Just unloaded at my home.
  12. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    These first four pics are from the seller's listing.
  13. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Missing the Drive wheel and Sprocket.
  14. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    I found this gokart on craigslist. Seller was asking $250. I offered $100, and begged for him to sell it to me. I was the very first offer and got it for $100 with the brand new engine, never run, but out of the box.
  15. Manco Custom Gokart

    Manco Custom Gokart

    Model # and serial #. Cross referenced it as a Manco Terminator. Made sometime before 1995, brake band.
  16. blue/lavender powdercoat

    blue/lavender powdercoat

    blue/lavender powdercoat
  17. bigfishisback

    new face

    painting time i just got a brand new baja worrior for christmas and i am going to paint it soon but and a little timid about stripping it down and usasembly before painting the frame then fenders. But anyway the plan so far is to take it apart so the fenders are free then the frame is just it...
  18. olajoe808

    What not to use over powdercoat

    Want to redo the paint on a red powerdercoated db30. Considering using the existing finish as base to paint over since it's factory smooth (or maybe I'm just not up to sanding it all off). Anyone here use a brand/type of paint that totally backfired on you that you applied over a powdercoat?
  19. olajoe808

    Sand blast powdercoat and paint DB30

    What's the going rate for the two? Have read several post here about repainting frames and the conclusion seems sandblast and repowerdercoat best. Anyone have both options done recently?
  20. blkscorpion80

    Got the bike back from PowderCoat

    I finally got the trailhorse back from Powder Coat. What do you guys thingk? I have tried several different throttles and can't get anyone of them to fit over the bars. Any suggestions? Also, for the guys that have a TH what size wheel and tires are you running? Its a two stage candy blue with...