What other toys do you guys have???


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:cool2:I was just thinking we can't all be at this minibike thing all the time so when were not all in the garage bending the bike to our twisted will what else gets your attention... Mine are my snowboard, quad copter, snowmobile, 4 x 4 truck, oooohhhh and my sports bike :)...
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I also paint everything i can, im going into powder coating this will be new for me as always nothing ventured nothing gained. :devil2:
:laugh: A old timer that did some sandblasting for me had a good one about that last topic but this is a family site. :laugh:

Anyway, my other toys are:

My lazyboy

My '74 Rolloflex Apache 400

My '91 Ford F150 w/302 Windsor

My Dad's 2005 Arctic Cat TS660 Turbo (I put most of the miles on it though)

My 1979 Ford w/351 Windsor