What's This Thing Worth? - Heathkit Deluxe Color TV unbuilt


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I am trying to help liquidate an unbuilt Heathkit Deluxe Solid-State Color TV.

It has the big heavy CRT, the 'bezel' or trim plate for it and a suitable wood cabinet to place it in as a bonus extra (I think it used to be a Sylvania) along with all the rest of the virgin internals, circuit boards, and hardware packaged up and ready to go. It looks complete or 99% so.

Some extra kits and bits are in the package such as at least two old-school vacuum tube multimeters with Nixie tube displays, also in kit form.

Has all the manuals and literature, most of it designed as a study course from Bell & Howell Schools/DeVry Institute of Technology and the whole enchilada has been sitting relatively untouched for 40+ years.

It's retro-fabulous and all it needs to work nowadays is a digital-to-analog converter which can probably be hidden inside the cabinet.

So what do you think?


Last one I saw went for about $600 in the same condition. But that was about 10+ years ago and all the old timers that were into that stuff have started dieing off. The Japanese were buying them but I'm not sure now. Sell it before another potential buyer dies.
While that is certainly an interesting time capsule, I doubt that it is "worth" very much.- maybe $ 100.00 to the "average" buyer? Really and truly it is "worth" what someone will pay for it. Antiquated technology and the picture quality will seem really crappy compared to today's TVs. Put it on Ebay and see what happens, however, the shipping costs for that behemoth will be HUGE.
I know there are collectors that want the unbuilt kits. And there are a lot of kits missing pieces. You may want to find a Heathkit forum.