Which belt for tav2 7" driven clutch

I'm swapping out the 6" rear pulley/driven to a 7" and the belt is now too short, would anyone know the part number or belt I need to replace it with?
Now that I have the 7" driven mounted (ebay parts never fit out the box) I have the 6 13/16" center to center. Just so I'm correct I should go 1 belt size above to compensate for the bronze bushing? Come on guys I know this has been done before, can someone explain why belt 994-80 is 1/8 too short when that's the belt called for? Trying not to order the wrong belt.
Best advice I can add is to measure the distance between the two pulleys (center to center)....measure your driven AGAIN...call belt palace and ask for Jim....give him your measurements and accept the belt he sends you....
Cheapest I could find on ebay shipped, walmart.com wants $30 for a belt. I can buy in bulk and get a better deal but only want 1 to see if its correct.