Why does my new recoil have a knot in it?


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I bought a new recoil assy for my 7hp Tec and there is a knot holding out about 2 feet of rope or so. :doah:

Why? How come? What happens if I untie it? :confused:

This is it and what it looks like:



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So it does not recoil all the way back in.
Or it has something to do with the recoil spring.
Or to confuse folks truing to get the knot out.


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The extended pull on lawnmower ia my guess
Ooohhh that makes a lot of sense now. Some push mowers have the recoil string going 1/2 way up the handle so you can start it easier, this allows for that extra distance it must span for that application. It being a Stens part makes even more sense. Thanks you two!