WTB- old rotary snowmobile engine


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I have an old Rotax snowmobile engine I'd sell.

It's a little rough but I think it would be a good runner, it has a TON of compression.
Well i found a 35hp rotary motor like i wanted on ebay and won it:thumbsup: that'll be the next project after i finish my clone motored azusa frame:grind:


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There's one on detroit craigs list, running & on a minibike for 300
Come on, that thing isn't real! I don't believe it for a minute. It might be stuffed in there, but it can't be hooked up. :shrug: :stuart:

scary fast mini bike

scary fast mini bike - $300 (Belleville, MI)
Extremely Dangerous Mini Bike!!!
I rode it one time tore my leg up, and scared the c@&^%$ out of me!
Very Fast!!!!! Motor - Articat rotory engine off a snowmobile motor needs to be put on a go-cart!
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