Yet another quick question

after reading a bit (well a LOT) I ordered a 1.3 stamped rocker and guide plate for my intake valve on my Predator with a 14cc head.

I stupidly was trying to save 10 bucks (laughable after all the money I've spent on this build) and read somewhere on the forum that the 1.3 rocker only really helps on the intake sides.

So my question is

1. Should I order a 1.3 rocker for the exhaust?
2. If I don't need to, and stick with the stock rocker in the exhaust side...

Will the new ARC guide plate work with one 1.3 on the intake, and a stock rocker on the exhaust??

Oh. I have SS valves, lashes and a Mod 2 Cam

Stock rods and lifters.

From what I read on bobs4cycle , yes you can . The builders there say put it on the intake side and run the stock 1:1 on the exhaust side . I think the guild plate would be fine
I have done a pile of engines with mod 2 cams and a 1.3 rocker on the intake only. If the intake valve is larger than stock, and the port flows a lot more than stock, you may benefit from a 1.3 on the exhaust as well. The only way to know 100% is have the head flowed.. IMO
You guys are awesome! Thanks for the quick and helpful responses!

The valve openings are stock on the 14cc head, we have "lightly ported and polished" (took down short side radius on both sides, smoothed out edges at etc.)

Hoping to finish our build this weekend for my son's 14th birthday.

He's getting a helmet and gloves!!

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