1. M

    Hello everyone, quick bike from MS

    Predator with full bolt ons and billet rod/flywheel on a DB30 frame ... Geared to race 330' Tried to post a pic but it says I can't since I'm new :/
  2. Sixpac440

    Quick video of Minis on the street ...

    Had a huge car show in town this weekend. A few of us got the minis out and rode a mile or so in traffic. We were passed by Local and County Police .. they didn't seem to mind tho after we parked we were asked to keep them off the road ... all in all it was AWESOME...
  3. D

    quick newbie question

    just picked up this *what im almost positive is* a bonanza chopper, i noticed the front end had some play in it, when i took it apart, i didnt notice any bushing or anything in the neck tube, is there supposed to be one, or atleast something?

    Quick question about torque converters (Updated)

    I was doing a pretrip inspection and noticed something that maybe I hadn't before. I have a little over a quarter inch in and out play in my driven shaft. Is this normal? The bearing spins freely, and there is no side to side movement.
  5. B

    Newby to the site. I have a Heald, couple quick questions

    I have just purchased a Heald. Runs and drives and is all there except the clutch cover which I understand is hard to come by. It says Trail bronc on it. It has 21-10-8 tires and not stock engine but I have the stock one. It's either an 8 or 10 Tecumseh I believe. Quick questions. What if...
  6. smudvapor

    Wanted Quick!

    Does anyone have one of these lying around? It is the TC bracket for a Rupp. I know Black Widow has them, I am just hoping someone has one that is closer to me and at a better price. It is for Wbam's Build-Off Bike and they are coming down to the wire with the deadline. Thanks
  7. apekillman

    quick question about fox sprite

    I searched for a bit and couldn't find anything. I think I did see on here before, but...... what size chain came stock on a fox sprite? I thought I read it was a 41. any truth to this? thank you
  8. ludicrous speed

    quick question about the inbox

    hey fellas,sorry to bother yas, but i got a message tonite someone tried to pm me but,i had a full mailbox so i came here and sure enough i see this You have 145 messages stored, of a total 50 allowed. (Empty Folder) so i hit empty folder,>> Yes ....right? You have 145 messages stored, of a...
  9. Danny01

    I need help quick!!!

    hey, I drilled out my jet, and it didn't seem much bigger... now it idled but when I give it has it just has no power... my question is should I just buy the original jet again, or get the rejet kit with the emulsion tube? I have a stock 212cc predator non hemi... I need your advice as quick...
  10. B

    Yet another quick question

    after reading a bit (well a LOT) I ordered a 1.3 stamped rocker and guide plate for my intake valve on my Predator with a 14cc head. I stupidly was trying to save 10 bucks (laughable after all the money I've spent on this build) and read somewhere on the forum that the 1.3 rocker only really...
  11. jeep4me

    Looking for a quick exit....

    Trying to just get out quick. Putting a bunch of bikes in the classifieds for sale. But looking for someone to just buy everything (shy of a couple), motors, parts, pieces, etc. Just want a couple riders and thats it. Have completely lost interest in buying, fixing, flipping...
  12. M

    quick ride

    Went for a quick 10 mile ride today, my bike did great but still got some tuning to do.
  13. Briggster

    Ever heard of a Norseman Rocco "golden trophy" kart??

    I bought this kart at a personal property auction this weekend. Just looking for info on it. A quick google search didn't yield much. Thanks Briggster
  14. george3

    Nice seat

    Jump on this quick. Rupp Mini Bike Seat | eBay
  15. M

    Upgrades to my bikes

    Just posting a quick update following my new guy thread from a few days ago. As a quick recap we bought 3 Motovox Mbx11s for Christmas--kids love them but I can't keep up (I weigh 180#). So I bought 2 jackshaft kits from HotRodMiniBike and a Phase 3 kit for the 3rd. The jackshaft kits are...
  16. ZR9B

    HS 40 timing set point

    After a quick google I see .35 before TDC and .65 before TDC this is from a 1972 Rupp HS 40. both numbers are posted on this site in one place or another. thanks for the help
  17. M

    Quick Intro

    Just bought The Boy an MBX11 (I live about 10 miles from the Motovox facility) and quickly found out that (you guessed it) the stock engine is a dog. I see a jack shaft upgrade in our near future with possibly a clone a bit after. We'll see. I didnt have motorized vehicles as a kid, so now...
  18. 1995dak

    Quick question

    Good afternoon. Well, my wife is sick of watching me and my daughter ride my Baja so I am going to get her one. I have the opportunity to get a like new Baja viper for real cheap. I have to drive a ways to go look at it so I am wondering how big it is. I have looked online but cannot seem to get...
  19. DaveL12

    Quick question

    Does the use of a sediment bowl make an inline fuel filter unnecessary?