Simplex Minibike 1

This is a pic of my simplex and i dont know what it is. All i know is that it is a simplex compact sportsman and the motor it had was a continental of some sort. I have a title for it from 1963 and a registration sticker and plate from 1968. I bought it off my neighbor who as a kid rode this around the area and owned a couple of other minibikes. I would like to know the possible value of this bike in its current condition. I have the gas tank with it as well. The only thing that i cant tell that is original is the motor, but it runs great and i can get about 35-45 mph out of it. Please help me identify my bike and its possible value. If anyone has parts for it or a original motor please reply. I can negotiate if someone wants to buy it but since i just bought it i would like to ride it for a while. Please reply, Thankyou
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