1. jsonthes

    My Simplex Challenger Mark IV w/dual 820's

    Just joined thought I'd share my kart. Just added GEM V12 with Hartman linkage, four carb monster
  2. A

    Simplex Compact Sportsman Minibikes

    Hey !!! I just started a group for these nice old vintage minibikes from Simplex Manufacturing, New Orleans, Louisiana. Appreciate hearing from any of you out there that either have one or just interested in them ! I am currently located in Memphis,Tennessee. Please get onto our group board ...
  3. xr7gt

    Simplex Go Kart

    I picked up this little guy last night from the original owner. Not sure what the connection was with Sears / Craftsman Any information would be appreciated.
  4. ratfink396

    WANTED: Simplex Tank

    Looking for a tank for a Simplex Sportsman, Compact or Senior; Don't care about paint or dents, just need one that is not rusted out and would be useable. Photo attached of what I'm looking for. Please PM me with pics & price. THANK YOU!
  5. Zooming993

    WTB Simplex Mark II Rear Sprocket Assembly

    I'm Looking for either a 60 or 72 tooth sprocket for a Simplex Mark II Go Kart. It would be great if the sprocket is in usable condition but I will also consider a sprocket with worn teeth, I can use the hub. Thanks
  6. Zooming993

    Need a Rear Sprocket for a Simplex Mark II Kart

    I'm Looking for either a 60 or 72 tooth sprocket for a Simplex Mark II Go Kart. It would be great if the sprocket is in usable condition but I will also consider a sprocket with worn teeth, I can use the hub. Thanks
  7. sam j

    Simplex Challenger Mark II front wheel

    Anyone know where a guy might find a front wheel for his Simplex Challenger Mark II go-kart. It's the type of wheel that uses tapered roller bearings. Let me know. Thanks!
  8. gumpit

    Simplex Sportsman

    Picked this up tonight. Any idea of the year? Not sure of the engine year or what was originally on it. AMF sticker under paint.Handle bar is bent. Might be able to be straightened. I didn't look too close at it. Just got it home and took quick pics. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.
  9. CaptNugget

    Powell P81 and Simplex Sportsman **chicago cl** (not mine)

    Found this ad this morning... Not mine but are neat figured someone will want them
  10. Timmahhhhh

    My Simplex Challenger

    A few years ago, I saw this on craigslist near my residence. It was offered with a 5 hp Briggs flattie as part of the deal. It was also cheap...... When I got it home I discovered that it was an old Simplex Challenger race kart from about 1961-64. The rear of the frame has been changed, but...
  11. Simplex Sportsman

    Simplex Sportsman

    Simplex Sportsman
  12. M

    Simplex VIN #

    So, where is the VIN located on a Simplex Compact Sportsman and how do I date the bike if I can find the VIN?? I think the bike is a 63 or 64, but I would like to be sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. S

    New old guy with an old project, Simplex Automatic

    Been gone a while, sold the death trap and am now working on this. I'm at the point of figureing out the drive line. The rear pully is 14", the largest pully I could put forward of it is 6" if needed. (see copper ring in pic) I plan on a jackshaft mount that uses the side of motor like this...
  14. T

    Any Help Appreciated on Simplex Spitfire Restoration

    Hello everyone. I am new to the group, and this is actually for a friend. She is restoring her husband's Simplex Spitfire Mini for his upcoming birthday in March. Here are a couple pictures of the current state of it. A few of the parts were sent out long ago in failed attempts at...
  15. Radford46

    Simplex on Winston Salem NC Craigslist

    Vintage Mini Bike Simplex Not mine, just saw it looking through the ads. Looks like it has a good tank, and frame,and jack shaft. Looks to have the shifter on it too.
  16. T

    Simplex Three Wheeler FOR SALE

    My Neighbor Asked Me to list This Simplex Three Wheeler For Her - Call Kathy at 209-484-8868 She is asking $12,000 Thousand - I Know Nohing About This Bike - Maybe You Guys Can Tell Me About It and Is It Rare ? Call Kathy if your Interested It was her Father's Bike and as been in the family...
  17. Mark G

    Simplex Sportsman

    Does anyone have a picture of how the gas tank is mounted to the frame? I assume there is a strap that runs from the front to the back on the bottom:confused:
  18. S

    Simplex Automatic

    Well, I'm back with another. Simplex Automatic. I plan on a 3 to 5hp motor and wonder with the 14" rear pully, what size should my other pully be, along with the sprocket sizes? Fair grounds and swap meets is where I would ride. I would be interested in side panels, seat or oem gas tank for...
  19. L

    simplex spitfire 1972 95% complete

    just got today 1972 spitfire simplex need tourg guard foot pegs head light speedo hope to find these parts soon will try to have running next month right now in no hurry do need help thanks
  20. Mark G

    Simplex Sportsman Gas Tank

    Looking for a decent one...Cash waiting.......