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    Restoring and repainting fairings on motorcycle

    Not exactly mini bike themed, that's why its in off topic, but I know you guys take your builds serious, and know your stuff. I don't have a hvlp gun, or a primer gun, nor money to either acquire said tools, or pay for a pro spary. However, I am good with a rattle can....that said has...
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    Havasu Dave's - "Mini Bike" - (Just For Fun)

    Beautiful bike! And that sound. Oh my Gawwdd that wonderful, brain melting sound. Congrats on the winning build!
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    WTB: Arctic Cat Climber tuned exhaust

    I WAS trying to be serious and offer help. It's easy to build to build exhaust systems. Cans, mufflers, and expansion chambers. It can be as easy as you want to make it. Heck, two sheets of steel cut to the right pattern, welded around the perimeter and blown into shape with a pressure washer...
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    theroy of relativity and the importance of minibikes

    So, is the cat alive? Or is it dead? " Don't sweat the small stuff. Oh, it's all small stuff ".
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    WTB: Arctic Cat Climber tuned exhaust

    Unless you NEED original parts, it would most likely be easier to build your own. Pipe design can be difficult, but there are tons of online calculators, or someone has to have the original part specs....
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    Saxonette Automatic Barn Find

    Great find, New Earth! Wish my a$$ could find something like that. All the barn finds I have discovered usually cost more to rebuild/restore than what it's worth!
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    I start off by saying something along the lines of " I'm badly allergic to stupid. Do u have an epi pen? " Then hang up while they try to put the pieces together. Once, when a telemarketer called I was feeling a little evil. I had an M-80 ( new one more like M-20) and figured I would mesa...
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    Shifter Minibike Build

    Sorry to thread jack, not trying to take anything away from this awesome build, but.... I have found a local auto body supply place that will mix, custom colors of PPG and primers and load rattle cans. It's not cheap, but it's still two part paint, and looks amazingly professional if u take...
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    Kawasaki Jalopy/RatRod!!!

    " I didn't know how it would turn out" That's commitment. The folks here on this forum are so..creative. Yall have so many ways to accomplish the same task it's amazing. Most of the thing done here are outside the box to begin with then yall come up with these out of this world ways to...
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    Kawasaki Jalopy/RatRod!!!

    Lovin those hand taylored white walls. I would have never thought of that Kiwi stuff for tires. I tried to find a set of white walls for my Helix, I could buy two sets of normal tires for the price of the one rear.... I will have to try that. I like the emblem on the fender. Now you and...
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    The OX

    Nice build so far. It can be a PITA to find that balance of raw power and reliability. I crossed that line a few times wig Minaralli clones. Bike dynoed at 14 HP but I am still skeptical. It ran for about 80-90 miles before it thrashed the full circle crank. The next one will have a lower...
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    Show us your home made creation "minibikes".

    X-90Rider that is a beautiful 2t machine. Nice. All y'all have some beast a$$ little bikes. Nice
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    Intake manifold hole size

    Personally, I would think the smaller passageway would cut performance by restricting flow. However it's only an hypothesis.
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    Has anyone tried to make your own Rokon style mini?

    That's a beautiful example! I hope the one I am gig to go see has the same 10hp Chrysler 2t. With a good low rpm pipe I bet it would dang near climb a wall!!! The old guy did say it is all green, said it looks like the canvas tents the US Army used in 'Nam. Of its not the two stroke, would...
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter and Bless each member and their families. May HE watch over us all.