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    Word Association Game

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    Found trike

    Thanks guys I'll try and get by there this weekend One of my sons freinds lives a couple houses down the road That's how I first saw it last year I'll have to find out if they've seen ridden around lately I'll post pics when I ge t it Hopefully Thanks Mike
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    Word Association Game

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    Found trike

    Saw this the other day out in the yard it's been there since last year Any idea what it is or what to look for and what to offer Thanks Mike
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    axle locked

    Spoke with my brother inlaw He said all the gears in the diff where junk So he bought a straight axle and put it all the way through And drilled and pinned it And he doesn't have the two other axles or gears from it Problem is it won't turn and when you try to turn it is like hitting the...
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    kart id

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    kart id

    just picked this up any idea what it is thanks for looking. and my son is very happy
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    axle locked

    got this cart given to my son from his uncle. needs clutch. it seems really hard to turn locked rear axle but I think it has a diff. rolls fine until you turn the wheel. I think he may of had something welded in the rear axle is this a diff and if so can it be rebuilt.
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    happy camper

  11. axle  diff?

    axle diff?

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    go kart

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    its that time again

    anyone ever do pinewood derby heres a pic of last years cars my sons car on the left and mine on the right. its time to start building new cars for this years race. maybe i could do a mini bike car!
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    Fords Are Way Better Than Chevys

    ls6 c'mon be serious now that was after it was over. ever heard of a hemi from mopar or a ford thunderbolt 427 sideoiler only had 485 hp and the 427 sohc made 616 hp with a single 4bbl and 657 with 2-4bbls scroll to the bottom of the page an read it. theres a lot of talk how it was built...
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    American choppers

    i wonder if they are bringing jesse into it so they can setup another new show for next year. this is supposed to be the last season of occ.