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    2020 ??

    I'm interested in participating in the 2020 contest~ Trying to get back into minibikes/go-karts before I get too busy with life haha. Senior year of h.s. is pretty chill, taking 2 hours worth of welding classes too so I certainly have time on my hands for a project.
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    Massimo MB200 or Coleman CT200U-EX?

    I own a CT200U-EX but I've never ridden a 212 megamoto so I can't really say anything out of personal experience about it but here are my thoughts on both of them. I do feel as though they're much better than a CT200U in every aspect, and although I've owned a CT200U longer than my EX, the...
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    Coleman BT200X Mystery Bike

    Now Coleman's website lists the BT200X, and apparently nearly a month ago they announced it which I just found out Friday so I guess I'm behind on this.They also have a video on it and other info on the new mini bike on their...
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    Coleman BT200X Mystery Bike

    Depends how much he wants for it and how close he is to me.
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    Coleman BT200X Mystery Bike

    I live in east TN, it says it's in stock in the walmart closest to me with free pickup today... To me this is big news.
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    My friend and I got pulled over by a cop today on CT200U's

    Yeah I took a criminal justice class last year in high school and I understand what police go through and he had every right to say what he said, but he exaggerated a lot with how many miles we were away, but I tried to be polite although I was pretty nervous lol. He was an old guy so that's...
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    My friend and I got pulled over by a cop today on CT200U's

    So today at around 9:00 PM my friend and I got pulled over on my CT200U and CT200u-EX. We were in a small/abandoned neighborhood which we've rode around for about a year now. We even had a cop pass us once before and ignored us while I was riding my CT200U and my friend riding my go kart...
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    Needing advice for headlights on coleman ct200u!

    I have a Coleman ct200u and I've been wanting to put headlights on it, and I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions for what kind a headlights I could put on it? I'm kinda of looking for something that comes in a kit, or It could be any kind of light(could be a extremly bright, easy...