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  • Can you give me a price for the kit and details? Or maybe contact information so I can call and discuss?
    Im just curious will you sell me everything in the kit except the engine? My dad gave me a HF engine. I live in Mich and coud even pick it up if possble pease email me with info kensky2@hotmai.com
    Harbor Freight Coupon- 6.5 HP (212cc) Horiz Gas Engine | eBay

    would that coupon work in the store even tho its on sale and thats not the retail price??
    That motor sounds dangerous. What are the specs or link me to the ad please.
    actually all i need is the mounting bracket (motor mount) and the clutch, maybe the bolts. nothing else. how much?
    Do you have any conversion kits left? Im in Tampa Bay, if so how much? Im pinching pennies, my brand new 2.5hp just blew a hole in the piston or a valve is bad. I dont want to replace it with the stock motor, I can get the brand new hf motor for cheap here locally, but how much for the conversion kit? shipped to 33510?

    two seven zero three two zero 6451

    txt anytime or call
    dviars am in michigan today and am interested in picking up a parts kit. my phone number is 3694330
    Like to buy a 6.5 hp conversion kit for my db30. Email me with info on parts please. daveviars@yahoo.com Thanks, David Viars
    Hey, I recently just became a member of this website and was looking through the forums for an easy 6.5hp conversion for my doodlebug. I read a lot of good things about your kit and wanted to ask you some questions about it. What kind of clutch does it include? And how much is it? Please get back to me asap thanks!

    - Austin

    - Im real new to this website and don't entirely know my way around. Feel free to email me at (austf@comcast.net).
    hello i would like to purchase the adapter plate w/ nuts and bolts and the clutch
    i already have the motor and can do the rest of the work myself
    thanks alot
    sorry to post again , forgot to give you my address.
    Damon Hyde
    64 Oakleigh Dr.
    Brunswick , Ohio , 44212
    thanks again.
    Hello , I would like to purchase your engine swap kit , I would like the engine and installation kit. Please let me know how you would like payment for this , thank you for your time.
    Hello. I am interested in the doodlebug 6.5 mount plate with bolts (is it still $40?) please e-mail me the info to send the $$$ to -email is sundries_sa@hotmail.com
    Thank you!!
    I am interested in installing a Harbor Freight 6.5 on my Baja Viper (DB30).
    I'd like more information on your kit please.

    Email me at zziggys@swbell.net
    Thanks Tom
    chris mailed money order monday for the 2 adapters, grand son is on pins and needles waiting, could you email when payment is recieved thanks
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