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    1970 honda trail 70 will not start--help

    The headlight and high beam indicator on your CT70H are powered by AC from the stator, so the engine must be running. The other lights are powered by the battery. The dim at idle can be helped by cleaning all terminals, grounds and switches, running a lead acid Yuasa battery and installing a...
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    1969 Taco 44 Magnum

    Subscribed three !
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    Alternator and Wiring Help

    Thanks Dave! Good seeing you here as well. Wired a hauler for a farm a while back, but it was repowered and stripped of electrics. I love the 2 wheeled Heald bikes because I am six two and over 200 lbs. plus a big Briggs flathead is about my speed. @chatten63 if there is a history of things...
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    Alternator and Wiring Help

    Dave that is an excellent Briggs & Stratton document. Interested to see how the Hauler is wired - any Heald for that matter, as I want one. Heavygs here is a generic dual output wiring system with lights, but your stator has just one AC output, correct? I can edit this diagram to fit your...
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    Looking for an electric motor expert

    Metal Man, a circular saw motor generally takes 2,000 + Watts to start (plugged into 120 Volts AC) and consumes at least 1,000 Watts or more running. Heavy duty circular saws are rated for 15 Amps, which is 1,800 Watts and maybe over 2HP at the blade. I agree with you, a scooter motor and...
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    Looking for an electric motor expert

    Alternator motor needs massive Amp capacity controller. It will turn and move on the 65 Amp device, but will be slow pulling you, batteries and a bike. Perhaps run a universal AC/DC motor (for example a common circular saw with brushes). Those will run on DC straight from batteries. Bolt a...
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    x-90 rider, 2018 JFF/Drag Bike Class

    This is looking good :thumbsup:
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    Dr. Shop Teacher's JFF Gilson Knight Rider

    Good progress, nice details!
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    charge coil, i got one, but what about regulator/rectifier?

    Safe enough: over 65 million C70 Honda Cub/Passport motorcycles have this exact battery-regulated charging system. Not saying its ideal or even defending the design. Fact is, charge coil output is so slight it never catches up to the 11 Amp hour battery used on those bikes. My reply was...
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    charge coil, i got one, but what about regulator/rectifier?

    The charge coil feeds the Anode (+ or non-striped end) of a half wave rectifier diode. The Cathode (- or striped end) of the rectifier diode connects to the + terminal of the battery. Like this Jon The...
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    303 Wankel Azusa Build

    I see Solidworks in there! Learning it myself, have not made assemblies that come apart and rotate like yours. Keep going on it, this is a cool build.
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    Electric Mini

    The hole for the horn looks deliberate. Maybe for a factory or yard with moving machinery, hangar duty or someplace busy. A car battery would let it travel a decent distance at low speeds.
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    Led lights ?

    Its more like a grounded center tap... ends are AC outputs. If you float the ground (hoping to get full wave output) the halves are phase-mismatched... usually reduced output is the result. A rewind or rewire could perhaps solve that.
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    Led lights ?

    Ole one of the members here posted the photo of his engine, and I drew the circuit around it. Will add the cap on and put it in here as a reference. PAP I suggest perusing available and low cost stator windings, PM rotors and regulators for existing engines and bikes. 3 phase is great because...