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  • that sound great, cant wait to see them. yeah my tributes to mbs will be a taco and a boananza, but will be riding them,to much vested for me not too....cool soon we will have a taco party yyea!!!
    He and i left 3 Taco frames on Wednesday, yesterday! Hope to get them late next week. We are using Taco Joe's color, really nice but probably more metallicky then the original ever was!
    I also had them do all the silver trim to match the B&W engine color and they are doing a little black.
    I know your doing a 100 also. My goal is to end up with a period correct (except for some chrome and polishing) really really nice non rider, to look at. Along with my near perfect Bonanza and my foldable Go-Devil the 3 will be my salute to vintage bikes.
    And we'll do all our thrashing on the db-30's, the black Baja, Murray and Bad Dog!
    hey manxster, tom says you got some frames powdercoated, got any pictures ?
    that would be nice i could meet him somewhere close to his appointment //unlessyou feel like trying to do the industrial conpound run today //a short notice run
    check out in minibikes for sale....mini 99 has asteens hodaka for sale notice front end....looks simular to green taco
    ok paul i crunched some numbers here they are drag bike complete 2000. no motor 800 no motor +no tank 700 cafe racer no motor 400 both bikes no motors no tank 1000 they both run and preform perfectly i'll just be breaking even at these prices any news about ventura
    It was good to finally meet you Paul, I will get down to your shop some day we can tell war stories!
    Terrific!! See my post in the thread, and tomorrow i'll put up pictures!
    Bad Dog gets a new engine and TAV i think, pulled it apart today, will gat it done over the holidays!! That was really super this morning!! Lucky us!!
    run was great to bad about badd dogg ....looks like black racer should get moved to avitar ......my 3 all ran great allen1967 and carrol both had agreat time
    yes the black racer is a solid bike im looking forward to seeing it ...i still have that stock tank i'll bring it down sunday its yours if you want it
    the toy run leaves from atomic cycles dec 6 its the last run of the year for sfvisbf .this year we'll have a police ecort . so i presume its iegal this time anyone can go for the price of a toy check the website for info .i have two rupps in the garage they are great bikes . i test rode my new racer at plaza park raceway the new motor screamed .i changed to a lower gear and its ready to go nov28 at the track.
    paul i have a baja tank it needs paint you can have it ....hows the mini collection? im up to12 ineed to get rid of a few....are you going to do the toy run?
    hey im havin trouble uploading pics i keep tryin and it tells me it was successful but no pics show up
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