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  • Hey There Paul, trying to figure out how to get you a sample video of weekend, my son in law is still working on the cam download, should be soon

    paul i cant make it. been out of work. trying to sell some stuff for income. i have not spoken to dan or frankie, dont think they were planning on going. to expensive for them.
    Are you looking for me ? LOL ! Need a piston and rings and a gasket kit for the briggs. I gotta find a new place to get the bore job done because my guy doesn't do lawn mower engines any more. Not going to Ventura tomorrow,still sore from Elsinore crash.
    i know Paul! We need to fix that for sure. 818 575 8421 home and 310 386-3734 cell.
    doc orderd a chair for me today but if i still dont make it up send my plaque back with edwin/i am already paid up for both events:crying:my logical side thinks i should stay home and rest and keep my incision clean but the race junkie side of me says lets go see some races/so i am having an emotional battle with myself:repuke:
    walking on crutches sucks/i am going to try to get a wheelchair out of my dr. tomorrow/noway will i be able to get around at ventura on crutches but possibly in a chair/so i can sighn the plaqes....lol hahaha jk
    i plan on showing up for this one,i have a place to stay in town too. i dont have anything with that small of wheels though.
    Hi, Mbp. just letting you know i will be particpating in the ventura event,along with at least 2 or 3 more fellas. so do we meet the # of people needed to have this be as success ?
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