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    can't get animal to idle

    :thumbsup: great site, plenty of animal parts, good deals to. they will have jets for you.
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    can't get animal to idle

    it would run on gas, but would be very rich, if you are able to, find out from who you got the animal from if they were running meth, if it was re-jetted for meth, you'll wana get yourself factory gasoline jets. the larger screw is your high speed, the smaller is your low speed adjustment. it...
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    to much torque converter.

    ill be messing with it more the next couple of days, ill share my progress and what i end up doing.
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    to much torque converter.

    pretty much the tab and a few inches of the brake arm itself, the pulley sticks out quite a bit, so im not sure if the backplate would be an issue, i can't get it close enough to the frame to see.
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    big enough mini frame?

    an 8hp briggs will not fit in a vt7 superbronc, ive tried, which probly means it wouldnt fit in a vt5, or any model where the frame kicks back for that matter. figured i'd share. a harrison wild cat might allow you to use an 8hp briggs.
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    to much torque converter.

    i could try to do something like that. the reason i have it like this, is because the rear pulley sticks out and hits the tab where the brake arm is. i also have to grind a section behind the plate, it hits part of the cylinder head a little bit. ill try a few things, ive got a couple more...
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    to much torque converter.

    thanks for the responses, i think ill try and see if i can brace it somehow.
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    to much torque converter.

    haha, yea, its scared me once or twice, love it though.
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    to much torque converter.

    what do you guys think of this, ive seen people mount there torque converters at extreme angles due to clearance issues, etc. is it ok to run it at this angle, is it to much stress on the side cover? engine is a briggs animal, on an el tigre.
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    Doodle Bug Sidecar Build !!

    very cool, looks good! :thumbsup:
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    cold turkey

    wish you luck, haven't smoked in about 3 years or so, best decision ever, getting winded after going up the stairs really got me thinking. it sounds silly, but i just replaced the urge to smoke with chewing gum, not even nicotine gum, anytime i wanted to smoke i would chew a piece of gum, it...