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  • Hey ProMod, just got 3 new minis - want PMR JackShaft for them. Need 2 MBX-10 jackshaft kits, and 1 for the Baja MB165/200. I'm at 77484 - which site is the best one to order them? Any OldMiniBikes discount? Thanks in advance.

    -Ken (a.k.a. Slim)
    Still available with OldMiniBikes discount. You can simply order off the Mini Bike Performance Parts, Baja Doodlebug, Dirtbug, DB30 and MB165 Performance
    website and mention your OldMiniBikes name. I will issue a refund for the shipping
    I see your post here on the jackshaft kit.

    How much is it?

    Is it still $119 delivered?

    I find the 2.8HP enough for speed, once it gets there, it sure does need a set of lower gears to get things moving.
    I have a few of the x-1 front alloy wheels left. I custom build spacers, install new bearings matched to the DB axle size. I have a front brake mount system that uses the same cable operated caliper as on the rear. I can custom build a front hyd system .
    I have 13-6.5-6 rear street tread tires for the rear. The wheel/tire and F-brake kit is 200 shipped. I also have just the front brake mount that fits several pocket bike style rims.
    You have to build your own spacers though. The caliper mount kit is 29
    The Max T springs fit the China clutches too. They copied the clutch from the Max T design.
    Do you think the stock max t silver clutch spring will fit and stay on a factory 2.8 doodle bug clutch?
    Thanks for the update Rob! Wow, your race season is starting up already down there.
    Were still gettin rained and snowed on. : (
    Yesterday was the first race of the year. This was our first time out at this track, 1/8 mile oval. They also ran a TT which I didn't do.

    I got second. It was so close at the finish that I think both of us weren't sure who took it.

    I wasn't sure if I would race or not. I don't know if you heard but Terry Nash, the engine builder, took a bad crash in a go kart. He was hospitalized with broken ribs and a punctured lung. Consequently my engine wasn't finished until the day before the race.

    I couldn't get down there to pick it up. Anyways, Minibike Paul offered me his ride. It took the first two heat races to get use to it and I got a terrible start in the main. Nevertheless, the leader was flying. We spent about 7 laps going back and forth.

    I'll tell you, I sure missed racing my bike. I spent so much time doing little things to make it right for me. You don't notice what a difference it makes until you try to go fast. It makes all the difference.
    I'm glad you received the photos. The stroker motor is now down for a rebuild. It's not too bad but will need a new piston. I guess that's not terrible. I'm going thru the bike front to back and checking everything over.

    I don't know if I told you but I bought a GX 200 Honda block and head on ebay, both brand new. Some guys have been experimenting with a 3" piston. So I think I'm going to start putting the componets together to build one.

    I've been told that they put out about 30 hp. I'm wondering if I will need to change to a different clutch.

    Just one other thing, what would you charge me for another jackshaft plate? I would like to have one more.
    Thanks for the feedback texashellbug. Sure glad your having fun with the bike now.
    Just installed my jackshaft, WOW! really makes the 2.5 fun to ride while I build my 6.5! GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!
    Hi Rob
    I guess MR Winter is going to ruin the fun for awhile huh. Were all snowed in up here and trying to stay warm. Its about 31deg outside right now and the winds drifting the snow against the shop door. Brrrrr
    Hi Brad,
    With the storm that came in the race was cancelled again. It's been rescheduled for December 11.
    Hi Brad,
    Nothing important. The race this Saturday was postponed for a week so I've got a little more time to prepare. I should have plenty of time to mount the new cover you sent me. We'll give it a try on the 20th.

    It's hard to believe but I drained the oil on that stroker motor I've been running after 3 races and it was really clear. This motor is unbelievable. I'll report back soon. Oh, I told you I'd get some photos. The ones that were taken by the video people were terrible. So hang on a llittle longer.
    Wow, sounds like your on a roll!
    Good job Rob!!!!! I will get your clutch in the mail tomorrow
    Hi Brad,
    I just got the invoice. I'll get you paid today.

    I wanted to let you know I won Victorville last night.
    Hi Brad,
    Yesterday was the Perris Race, just wanted to let you know I won. That's 3 in a row. There was a couple there taking videos and photos so next week my wife will put the video up. He said that the photos will be up on his website. I'm hoping that there are a few nice ones that I can send to you.

    I don't know if I'm going to run Victorville or not next weekend. I'll let you know.

    The bike ran fine and the clutch held up. I'm starting to believe what you said about them. Maybe it just doesn't matter what kind of clutch it is in dirt track. Still, I take it apart after every race and inspect it. They aren't precision, that's for sure!

    Well, that's it for now. I'll talk to you this week.
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