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  • you threatening some one dude because its the wrong person to threaten and your the liar and cheater just look how you jumped the flag in the video just a plane cheater at heart cant acomplish any thing honestly type you are i guess.your type always gets it in the end! and this will be on record as a threat so just remember that.
    Hi Randy,
    I'll give you a call at work tomorrow, dude. You were right about Wyody. He did start Perris. But he would always schedule races in conflict with other events, even after he promised not to. He's just not that smart. Not very truthful either. Some guys are just like that. Anyways dude we'll talk tomorrow. How's the wheelchair biz?? I've got to head down there some time and meet your boss. I'd love to see those great chairs you build. I'll make sure I don't stay long, I don't want to interupt your mid-day posting on Oldminibikes.com
    You just don't get it, the same shit, a different name! Rodney, you are a piece of work!! Pathetic!!

    So what was the point of calling me the other day, then today you start the same crap with me and Rob!

    You need to seek out help!!
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