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  • Hi Scooterboy....

    Not sure that my first attempt in messaging you went through ok. Anyway, evil Ed suggested you as THE source for a new Bonanza badge for my BC1300 project. I'm looking for the 2" non-embossed badge. If you've hot anything available, that would be awesome. What would the cost be, shipped to 93611 (Clovis, CA)?

    I can be reached here or at my email: cdfbc17@gmail.com.

    Thanks very much! Jon.
    I would like to purchase a Tom Thumb frame to original specs
    and front end. Are you still making it any?
    hey scooter boy this is slingshotcox i went to a link reproductionparts to check out motor mounts for my big bear scrambler i guess they are sold out do you have any frame dimensions mount size hole sizes i am in tigard
    Hello Scoot, Patrick 2260 told me you were the bomb re bonanza stuff. I am looking for a tripple tree bolt for a bc1200 fine thread. Can you help me out, also Kickstands??
    I am rebuilding 3 Bonanzas at once.
    Found a 4 hp never been used white tech motor..still in the box. It will go on one of them
    got 2 hodaka engines for the other 2
    Looking foward to my winter projects. Cheers
    Mike aka logman
    Howdy Scooterboy! A member told me to contact you, I need a jig for drilling a 3/4 inch crankshaft. Can ya help me out? You can see my original post under Engine Modifications, or send me a message. Thanks in advance for your help, hope to hear from you!
    Hey Scoot! I need the rear wheel astro set up with 60 tooth....help! email me at jdsous59@yahoo.com or john.sousa@integr8us.com or ok to call me 401 714 4903
    Oh and the drum brake too! thanks call me anytime or email me = 401 714 4903 = john.sousa@integr8us.com Thanks brother!!
    Hey Scoot....can you tell me how to purchase the Astro rear wheel assembly? with 60 tooth sprocket?
    hey Scooter boy Kyle Moody here do u have anymore of the lil indian 60 tooth sprockets left if so i would like to buy one give me you paypal thanks scooter
    Hi Paul.....
    Thanks for the personal invite ! I discussed this with Hent the other day and I will not be able to attend( though it sounds like ALOT of fun)...
    I want to put the hard press on you to attend our FunDay #2


    This is an opportunity to give our little hobby some much needed credibility while having a great time and meeting, alive and in-person, lots of the guys you computer-talk with all the time!! The East has Winber, we need something out here in the West.

    As you may know, Mr. oldminibikes.com, Hent (or Drew) and his lady, Viki, are attending!

    And, we would make sure you had a bike to ride!!

    hey there-
    Im looking for a good used rear sprocket to fit a kidney been wheel. Someone told me to talk to you. Let me know.
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