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  • i took the head off to do the porting my self and had a bent rocker stud so i need one of those.he had the adjustment way too loose so i think that might have caused that?! i,ll try but were abit broke right now but i have a few things on ebay and we,re goimg over to my storage to get that little two stroke bull dog mini bike to sell and what ever else we can find to sell you know what i mean lol? how you doing? should have more news about dusty,s ranch next week? just didnt want to post any thing until we,re sure about it. but it could be cool? you been riding? we havent but might go for a mt.bike ride later if i can get my fat butt going lol. wyatt and weston are building a neighborhood mini bike with that azusa frame and a stock db motor to fart around on. cat kid emailed he just got back from indonesia and cant wait to get out to the races. i heard dave and ed went out to the drags yesterday.
    whats up Ryodny ?lol how are thinigs going. hope you get the clone going from carson in your rupp for perris.
    yeah sold the electric/gas bike allready. i did need the $, but i worked a little thsi past week. so im ok for now.
    theres going to besome kind of classification between the littlemini bikes and the bigger mini bikes like baja class? supermini class? ---? so you probally can race both?
    whats up rodney ? so what are you saying, your not racing at perris again ? i'll let you borrow one. i might race a 6" rim bike, we wiil see. if dan and frakie show up have to race the big bike.
    what do you think of me trading my raptor for that azuza maddcarson has with the slightly tricked out clone? could be fixed up for a extra bike for some one to race? unless you have some thing to trade?
    they said in 1973 by 1974 there will be two and a half million mini bikes. that was a estimate of the U.S Department of Transportation back in 1973! and they said a half million new ones every year but than the minicycles came out like the yamaha mini enduro 60,the steens100,honda-mini trail 70,honda sl70,kawasaki kv75,suzuki trail 50 and finally a very popular race bike the honda xr75.
    check this out? The Motorcycle Industry Council has supplied the following definition which was accepted by the Consumer Product Information Office in Washington,an office of the federal government, A mini bike:a two-wheeled vehicle with two wheel rims of less than 11" diameter, with hub-to-hub wheelbase of less than 40",with a engine rated at less than 45cubic centimeters and a seat-height of less than 25" from the ground.
    a minicycle:has full motorcycle controls,transmission and engine, scaled down motorcycle.
    mini cycles just got to popular and the traditional mini bike with a lawnmower motor just stop selling! but hey if you get three guys with the same bike you have a class! i was going to start a vintage 100cc class a while back out there with vinces blessing. we have a 1973 kawasaki 100cc and a steens hodaka 100cc and i know other guys who have 100cc,s also but i just dont have enough money right now. it still be cool to see them race but in a different race class ecspecially for the spectators to identify between the two like they do with full size bikes--vintage two stroke 250cc class and a 350cc class? they have a brakeless class! they even have bomber class that allows only two valve head motors only! lets do it like that and we,ll attract even more guys?
    yes its a mini cycle! it was considered a mini cycle in 1970,s. not being a two stroke but having gears and a manual clutch makes it a mini motorcycle AKA mini cycle. i have around 10 mini bike guide and mini cycle magazines and books my mom saved, and i collected since i was a kid if you want to go through them? and i raced in the very first world mini grand prix at saddleback and the next couple ones at indian dunes! i can show you many pictures and trophies from the late 1960,s early 1970,s if you dont believe me?
    being fair to you or me or not not the point its the idea of keeping within a class to be fair some one like maddcarson,wyatt,weston,briggs boy ect. even though they might say to your face yeah you know they wont like it or might want to up grade to one THAN you will start moving away from the little pull rope minibike just like we did in the 70,s?! there was no more pull rope minibikes racing any where by lets say 1975
    rodney so if a bonanza 6" rims with a hodaka showed up at perris you dont think its fair for them to run with us ? its a minibike. it being a two stroke makes it a minicycle ? jsut wondering
    i got to find those tires martin and weston had for wyatt and try to raise his bars up and he should be okay?! my kawie needs a going over it ran like shit soo much to do and little time to do it!
    edwin your always welcome and just being our friend is thanks enough.and your race bike felt cool wish i could build one. i,ll get the rupp going so i can try it out than give it to cody and than i,ll save to build me a baja bike?
    i did thank you for setting up and inviting us to perris to race, right ? if not there you go.
    did you see. i posted the perris race on cl. hope that was ok. under minibike or mini bike. i see you didnt meet the reserve on the motors thats sucks
    i sent the video out today. and another cd with a bunch of pictures from the gp race. your in a few shots im sure. you were trying to sell that bike along time ago. do you still have it.
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