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  • you got first pick of my canopy dave! plus my friend is bringing a huge trailer and others are bringing motorhomes i am sure could kick back in if tired out?may be you can watch from there and keep a eye on who ever got there bike on display? you got the bonanza still? i,ll think i,ll buy it from you?! could put my h50 in it?can you send pictures for wyatt to check it out? minibike125@yahoo.com thanks dave.
    i may come to elsinore is the place where your booth is going to be set up paved and will you have a shade cover and can i hang out there i know its alot of requests for a maybe ,but my mobility is limited and i am not supposed to get too much sun cause of pain meds
    was home because wyatt has been having asthma attacks and on top of that got food poisoning last night.got to get my tank sealed up and finish that rupp jack shaft and stick the new motor in and i,ll be ready for hope fully hansford? what you been up to? man these guys really want know how many of us are showing up to get enough trophies but no ones replying?? what should i do? thanks edwin
    Hey Wyody, no I haven't seen that vid,but I would like to ! I called a couple of guys and they said they would try to make it,still gonna call some more people though.
    yeah i know the bummer of injuries had too many myself.hope your feeling okay? i am trying to use the stock jack shaft for that same reason and since its right next to the swing arm pivot the chain wont loosen up much when the susp. compresses and i,ll throw in a chain guide any ways. yes its really cool about the mini bike thing since i was around them as kid than and now as big kid?! hope you get better before the perris flat track starts up?. hey if you know any from the old minimoto club please tell them about elsinore? thanks again get well.
    whats up rodney / your jack shaft ? /rupp has a torqaverter that i plan on removing and running a clutch and chains through the stock rupp jack shaft set up on the frame because the way it is now it will throw the chain on rough terrain...i am hoping the stock geometry will remedy that....a chain tensioner would also cure the problem but thats my back up plan /right now everything is on hold cause i the leg is still tender/your elsinore event sounds cool /nice job on the coordinating / the minibike scene is really gaining popularity again /i'm bummed about missing all these events but happy that our minibike subculture is being accepted at so many venues :thumbsup:
    thanks ed! if you need help tell me?! here,s my phone#310-3284455. i was told you would probally know alot of guys from minimoto.
    Hey Wyody, I'm planning on going. I'll get the word out to the others that were in the SFVISBF minimoto. I hope it's a big success !
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