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  • rodney when you reply you have to click on my name. not on yours. yrah all that sound good!! cant wait again.
    i think they might give us a break? if not its like 35.00. "cat kid" aka dylansary emailed he,s trying to get a his sister or mom to tkae him out? also maddcarson going to make it since he,s real close.so we,ll be getting more young guys joining up kind of cool! may be we can put them in there own class? since vince said we can put together the classes we want! may be like 16 and under? wyatt,weston,eric and cat kid so far? may be a 50+ class for eviled and others? and a expert for others? because five riders per race would be cool since the track is small?we should advertise on craigs what do think?
    rodney. do you know how much perris is going to be ? its gonna be flat track right.
    well i hope you can make it its going to be real cool being filmed and all! man i got bang up yesterday trying to push start a freinds old bultaco when it started i hit the pavement bruised my ribs and bang my knee up it sucks getting old!
    the bike will probably still be here cause you are the only one that knows i would sell it/leg is hurting alot this week doesnt look good for me for elsinore
    i really dont know a time but i,ll call today?! figure around 9am to get a good spot?
    what ? you cant make it to hanford ? come on you can do it ? if you cant you cant. theres always elsinore.
    i have one canopy but i thought it would be nice with a couple? theres going to be allot of people out there meatball said! should be crazy and very fun.
    no way! no bike! no money! i,ll barely make elsinore.you have a canopy to bring to elsinore or know some body that does?
    [IMG] [IMG]
    snapped a couple new pics /sprocket ,brake , chain ,wheels ,tires ,tubes and bearings are all new
    [IMG] i still have it/this is an old pic engine has been removed but jack shaft ,gears and rear chain have been installed also the brand new sprocket ,drum from scooter boy is installed with a nos bendex 1''brake assemby/i used #420 renthal racing chain .i'll get a new pic tomorrow/but every thing on it is the best
    well if i get this rupp done and have enough money we might be go to hanford?!
    as far as tropies, are they like participation tropies like ventura participation plaques ? i dont know what to say. so you just want to know how many will be racing right ?
    i would tell them at least 15 to 20 what do you think ? the first 15 ro 20 to finish get them. i really dont know what to tell you. call me talk about it.
    check out the post of the Elsinore race there info on directions and stuff.if you need more info email me?! its a smooth TT style of track and they want us to display are mini bikes before the race. should be fun!
    wyody,i was in the Ventura raceway minibike race,the 2nd,3rd races,where is the Elsinore MX Park?What is the event intail?MY dad might not be here at the time so my mom can take me.If it involves minibikes...... sign me up! :D
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