1. P

    1947 JAWA CZ 125 Conversion ....

    thought i would share progress of most recent project .......i found this crusty old girl a couple months ago chained to a tree at an antique shop on the east end of long island ! the dealer thought somebody would use it as "WALL ART", and i said HELL NO !, i'm gonna RIDE that thing ...
  2. S

    Ebay: 1947 Powell Challenger

    Other Makes Challenger C 47 | eBay
  3. lostinbaja

    1947 Powell Challenger

    My 85 year old Uncle just finished up the restoration of his 1947 Powell Challenger Scooter (He had one back when he was a punk/hood). He looked for this bike a long time and finally found a restorable bike in Oregon. Here is some pics of the finished product:
  4. incogrhino

    1947 briggs...

    Scored this today. 1.5 horse power. May be my oldest one yet.( I never check my old big bastard.) Is neat.
  5. thebronc4019

    1947 Cushman "Step-Thru" Scooter

    I just got this. I have to resist working on it so I have a project for next winter. It is mechanically sound with a freshly rebuilt engine but the body is atrocious. It came with a title so I can register it and drive it on the street, slowly due to the fact that it is severely...
  6. 1stlegendtx

    1947 powell

    1947 Powell scooter p-48
  7. D

    1947 Doodlebug model C Hiawatha

    Hi guys I am new to the list and am needing some help. I am helping a friend sell his scooter collection and am wondering if anyone can give me an estimated value for a perfectly restored 1947 Doodlebug. This is part of a collection and is not your average bike. It has won five AACA awards...
  8. Dragbikemini

    1947 Cushman Eagle

    Another mini From Jim Hudson Valley Craigs list call Jim 845 733 6776
  9. GraveBugger

    damn who closed the 1947 doodlebug thread

    man i just finished grabbin a beer and some popcorn! that was literaly the funniest thread ever, where was strigoi to dish some sh*t out lol
  10. D

    Doodlebug Hiawatha 1947 HELP

    Hey guys, my grandfather has had this Doodlebug hiawatha for years, and he has decided to give it to me. It is really old, the brakes don't work at all,to start the engine I have to pull a string, and to stop the engine I have to put my hand on the carburator. It is a 27cc 3hp engine. I would...
  11. L

    PRICE DROP to $800* * * 1947 Model C DOODLEBUG, fluid clutch.. Missouri or SHIP* * *

    I have thought it over and decided to sell my Doddlebug. I have talked to a few different guys about it, they all say it's pretty complete and worth around 1500 on ebay as is. It's a 1947 Early Model C. It does have a Fluid Clutch which i guess is rare. There is a pull start with rope, not...
  12. Oldsalt

    Watercooled 1947 Knucklehead

    Thought some folks would enjoy seeing this. The pictured engine belongs to a guy I know that is restoring it to put it back in the midget. In the early 50s we called then "shaker" motors and they could run with the little Offys on shorter tracks. The old Harley motor, as can be seen, has...
  13. Ruppster81

    1947 Hiawatha Doodle Bug

    This is a great deal for what I think is an orignal complete 1947 Hiawatha doodle bug. $2,900 1947 Hiawatha Doodle Bug Motor Scooter