Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. M

    $50 doodlebug

    Picked up a doodle last night for 50$ missing only a chain and throttle cable. For this build I'm thinking of a honda clone swap with a torque converter. Should be fun having a race bike as well as an off roader! Stay tuned for more info. Any advice in the TAV install is greatly appreciated!
  2. cruhr1

    Nice Manco Streaker frame $50

    Looks like a nice frame for $50. And it doesn't even have "high speed forks".....yet. Too small for my taste http:// http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/mcy/5338699381.html
  3. Havasu Dave

    Cat 400 in Vegas $50

    I'd been hounding the guy trying to get a response. Finally he emails and says "yes, it's still available." I then ask for a time and an address. He responds 20 minutes later with "someone else is coming to get it." My final response was, "that's too bad, I would have beat any price." So...
  4. Harleys Papa

    $50 Power-Dyne Survivor

    I picked up this base model Power-Dyne survivor :thumbsup: It needs a couple of small things but it should make a great little rider :thumbsup:
  5. R

    Vintage clean - briggs & stratton 2 hp engine $50

    Very Clean 1976 Briggs & Stratton 2HP Engine White engine - Model 60102-0303-01 76111501 Built November 15th 1976 Complete engine with Carb,Gas tank and exhaust Can send additional pics per request $50 Plus Shipping or Local Pickup Good compression & Spark
  6. Not so mini bike

    Ruttman forks

    Ruttman forks. Straight. $50 plus shipping.
  7. gasser

    What is this full suspension mini?

    Found this little guy. Anyone know what it is? I can score it for $50.
  8. ZR9B

    Control line plane

    Anyone fly these things...I had them as a kid the Cox and Testor ones...wasn't very good but had fun. So my son and I were at the hobby store and I wanted a Cox plane but they haven't been made since the 90s the guy said....so this is what we got, and Ebay for the motor....We have about $50...
  9. Not so mini bike

    Stellar gas tank

    Stellar mark 2 gas tank. Chrome is good on the sides. Top not as good. Bubbled up in spots. No leaks. $50 plus shipping.
  10. Iron Honky

    Cestad frame

    Not sure which Cestad it is. Decent shape. No rewelds, foot peg slightly bent. Asking $50 local only unless you can provide shipping.
  11. D

    hs60 tecumseh parts engine.

    This engine ran when tore down. Had excessive carbon build up on the piston. The bore is std and mint. Have all the parts. Good engine to reseal and run. Was a snow blower engine. $50 plus shipping from Grandville Michigan. Shipping will be usps. Can text or email photos.
  12. xr7gt


    Good condition. 3 nut-serts in plywood. One minor tear on side towards bottom see pic $50 obo
  13. dakota

    Briggs Hand Crank

    Nos hand crank for 2 - 3.5 hp motors $50 + 10 shipping
  14. K

    hemi head, flywheel, stock parts, headers, cam

    brand new hemi head with pushrods ready to bolt on - $50, $100 if you want it ported 5 bolt valve cover clone head, ported and milled - $50 king billet steel flywheel - $45 2 seks clone ceramic coated headers - $35 each super stock rlv clone header - $10 isky black mamba jr cam - $30 custom...
  15. JohnnyTillotson

    Starter motor

    Looking for Tecumseh starter motor part #35765A for H60. I see them all over Ebay for approx $50 - $70 new. Hoping to find one quite bit less than that. Can be used. Thanks
  16. kruger

    new 4" & 6" tires sale

    I have 3sets of new archson tires, they are new never mounted or used. 4.10/3.50-6 ,4.10/3.50-4 & 9 x 3.50-4 i'll take $50 a set shipped to lower 48.
  17. dakota

    Box of Parts

    what you see is what you get :laugh: $50 + s&h
  18. FloridaMiniBikes

    Front 8 Inch Wheel Tire and Brake

    Can't remember what I cannabalized for this but it works great on my Lil Indian Outlaw Chopper. Got a New Original wheel and tire to put on now so this one has got to go. As shown, Wheel, Tire, Brake, cable, and brake handle. $50 shipped U.S. 48. More pictures once I figure this thing out. If...
  19. Jag57

    ebay alert nice rolling frame for $50 bucks with seat / California

    Mini Bike Chopper Frame No Motor w Tires Big Seat and Shocks | eBay
  20. Bikerscum

    NOS General 5.30/4.50-6 tires

    Nice wide 6 inchers. New, but have some waxy preservative that needs washed off. 5 available. 1 for $50 +$16 shipping, 2 for $85 +$25 shipping.