1. Sprocket86

    Bone stock Honda GX200 6.5hp

    Hi there. Going to be building up a DB 30 with a 6.5 hp genuine Honda GX200 and a Centrifugal clutch for a race series that another member on here has organized. I would like to lightly modify this box stock GX200 with a header/muffler pipe that will fit around a DB 30 or Dirt Bug frame...
  2. ugmold

    Hensim 6.5hp valve adjustment

    Can't seem to find any info on "Hensim" engines, Honda Clone. This model is a 6.5 and I'd like to do a valve adjustment, anybody got the specs? Thanks, -ugmold
  3. L

    throttle linkage/clone top plate gx390 carb on 6.5hp clone

    Hey guys I have a finished mild build motor however I do not have a throttle linkage. I was looking around at either getting a clone top plate or a throttle linkage kit off ebay. However I am running a gx390 carb on a 6.5hp lifan model 168f-2e. The block is 9004 6036. I have been looking around...
  4. L

    gx390 carb on 6.5hp clone

    Has anyone installed a gx390 carb onto a 6.5hp clone or predator motor? What were your engine builds and general rpm ranges? I have a mild built clone I'm thinking about putting a gx390 carb onto and was curious to see what others have noticed. My build will generally be in the 5000-7500 rpm...
  5. C

    Re-installing stock throttle system on Clone 6.5hp ?

    Hi all! I am in the process of getting my Baja mini bike back up and running. I have received my new carburetor and put it on the bike. Unfortunately during disassembly I wasn't very smart and forgot to get good photos of the throttle setup. Below are the photos I do have. I am...
  6. G

    Original Doodle bug harbor freight 6.5hp engine conversion kit.

    Anyone still selling the doodle bug conversion kit to put a harbor freight 6.5hp in a doodle bug? (I have the one with the metal fenders) I can get the engine locally at harbor freight. I just need everything else. At one time you could buy a kit on here of everything needed, minus the engine...
  7. FloridaMiniBikes

    Tecumseh 6.5hp OHV Saturday Mini Bike Parts

    Tecumseh 6.5HP Took it off a go kart when the owner wanted to go, faster faster. Compression and spark is like new, starts first pull, even though it's been sitting a year. I wrapped it in plastic but the Florida sun did a number on the tank. It's solid, but cracked not leaking. Cleaned and...
  8. E

    MINI BIKE engine clutch.

    So i have a mini bike with a 6.5 HP engine. And the clutch is missing the set screws.. Where can i find extras? Also from what iknow they also are supoosed to have a keyway key but idont have one. What can i do? Ene links as to where i can order some? Thanks
  9. jeep4me

    Briggs 6.5hp OHV

    Got a nice Briggs 6.5hp Intek OHV for sale. Was on a pressure washer with a bad pump. Runs good, looks good. 3/4" shaft, drilled and tapped. No shipping, local pickup only. Sorry. Asking $80.
  10. C

    Clutch/ torque convertor for 6.5hp clone

    Hi guys. I'm ordering a 6.5hp clone on money to start my mini bike project. Just wondering if I should use a centrifugal clutch, or a torque convertor. I've only had experience with centrifugal clutches, never torque convertors. I've tried to search but can't really find the pros and cons of...
  11. colrhino

    Clone engine (6.5hp) won't start

    hey guys and gals, after a long layoff due to a foot injury, I rolled the 'ol Baja out of the garage and tried to start her up.... to no avail ! She's got the 6.5 china clone Greyhound engine in her. She's been sitting up for the better part of a year, yep she had Sta-bil in the gas tank and it...
  12. g3bill

    intek 206 6.5hp valve settings????

    B&S Intek 206 6.5hp VALVE SETTINGS ??????????? have dial-up so cant watch vidios, does this model have adjustment, i didn't remove valve cover yet awaiting info? anyone know the exh. & int. clearence, i assume adjusted cold? i couldn't find instructions on this anywhere i looked? I think its...
  13. Briggster

    WTB: 6.5hp greyhound side cover

    I'm looking for a greyhound clone sidecover. It is a bit different gasket seal in the cam area. Here is a picture of what im looking for. Will give up to $30 shipped A
  14. M

    Clone 6.5HP Brand new with tight throttle

    So I bought a 168f 196cc honda clone motor from a Canadian store,Princess Auto, I just ordered the pmr stage 1 kit from hot rod mini bikes, as I'm impatient I pulled the motor out to look, and the throttle lever is super tight, I have to assume, that it is set up this way depending on the...
  15. G

    Project Bike - Bird Duck w/6.5hp Generator Motor

    Friend gave my 11yo son an old mini bike to redo, we have a generator with a bad alternator so we are building a bike. From what I have figured out this bike is an early Bird Duck. It's had about 4 paint jobs, wheels have big rusted holes so you can see the tubes, rear fender brackets are...
  16. philbo

    6.5hp clone engine vibration at certain RPM? Help!!!

    Hi guys! Thanks in advance for any helpful ideas! When I rode the Baja around I noticed a really bad vibration at a certain rpm. I'm guessing I'm doing about 15-20mph? That's a guesstimate. I took off the jack shaft chain to isolate the problem from the suspension And chains (in...
  17. S

    How do I get more out of my 6.5hp B&S Coleman CT200U

    Just picked up my first mini bike in more that 30 years and looking to see how I can get more out of the 6.5hp Cool little bike but I know there has to be a way to make it better!! Thanks
  18. C

    6.5hp clone carb on Briggs 5hp FH?

    Anyone every put 6.5hp clone carb on Briggs 5hp FH? :shrug: Seems like would work well, just need manifold. These carbs are cheap ($15 new) and work well on clones. They are easy to rejet, so pretty sure could tune to run well with another engine. Any comments welcomed.

    Ghoast in the machine - 6.5hp clone

    My boss about 6 months back brough me a pressure washer with a 6.5 clone on it. It would not start an locked when you pulled the starter. I opened it up and found a bent washer sitting on top of the piston. We reassembled it and it ran great, he went back to the service agent and claimed that...
  20. J

    6.5hp clone on go kart why is mine so slow.

    So I bought my kid a new motor for the go kart. Racing go kart that is. Now we went to the track to run it and well it only went about 20mph. Now its spinning 5500rpm with a 12tooth clutch an #35 sproket aluminum flywheel and a Winnie pipe are the only add ons. Im watching other drivers with the...