1. OND

    ** Happy Birthday Outlaw Ace **

    :happybday: Happy Birthday Outlaw :happybday: I hope you have a great day !:thumbsup:
  2. N

    Hodaka ace 100 e code engine

    Look at this on eBay HODAKA ACE 100 vintage restored motor engine AHRMA Bonanza mini bike,motorcycle | eBay
  3. topnotch

    Bonanza Chopper with Ace 100 Hodaka total restoration.

    Every since Marcus posted the pictures of his Bonanza chopper I haven't been able to sleep thinking about mine, so I decided to start work on this one again. Hopefully I can get this awesome ride done in the next week or two so I can stay focus on my other projects that I'm still working on. I...
  4. Phil1958

    WTB Hodaka ACE 100 and Bonanza Exhaust.

    I want a running complete Hodaka Ace 100 Engine, no basket cases. The expansion chamber must be solid, serviceable, and repairable. nothing that cannot be repaired. PM me with pics and your price including shipping to New York 13679. :thumbsup: phil
  5. R

    Bonanza hodaka ace 100

    Found this on Ebay today No relation to seller; Bonanza Mini Bike Hodaka Ace 100 Red Starlite | eBay
  6. C

    Ace 100

    Honda CR | eBay Running Ace 100 for $400 bucks. Being a Steens bike there is a chance it's a E code. The link says Honda, but it's not.
  7. Midyrman

    Hodaka Ace 100 Rebuilder?

    Looking for someone to take a look at my engine and get it into running and operating condition. Planning to tear down a nice BC1500SH survivor bike in the next few weeks. Thanks. Tom
  8. OND

    Happy Birthday Outlaw Ace

    Happy Birthday Outlaw Ace, hope ya have a great day !:happybday:
  9. RideSF

    WTB Hodaka Ace 100

    Looking for a E code hodaka . Don't hurt to try right? Lol... Thanks OldMiniBikes!!
  10. R

    1969 bonanza hodaka ace 100 ($1200)

    Not Bad for what it is.I am sure it wont last long 1969 bonanza hodaka ace 100 (616) 666-9146
  11. R

    Bonanza Hodaka Complete Bike Nice !Ace 100

    Just saw this listing I have no idea if its still available 1970 Hodaka Bonanza for sale in Salem Oregon
  12. 6doggie3

    Hodaka Ace 100

    Looking for a air filter use on the BC1500sh thanks hO
  13. jeep4me

    Bonanza w/Hodaka Ace 100

    This afternoon was quite the whirlwind of excitement. Got a call from my secret informant, that there was a Bonanza with a hodaka, on craigslist. Made a quick phone call and an even quicker drive south. And here's the prize.....
  14. flattire

    bonanza Chopper

    Looking for some help wondering what engine should go on this because i have seen Tecumseh 5hps and hodaka ace 100s but this version does not use a jack shaft so i need some help.
  15. bigevilone2

    BONANZA FRONT PEG ROLLER... Originally had a Hodaka Ace 90

    Have to let this go ! Bonanza 1300 originally had a Hodaka Ace 90 in it. The bike was poorly sprayed with black paint over the original blue. You can see on the motor plate where the Hodaka mounts were. Frame is really nice. The forks go up and down nice. I had them apart and put new grease in...
  16. Ajf

    Bonanza hodaka expansion chamber exhaust

    Looking for an expansion chamber for a bonanza with the hodaka ace 90 100
  17. Hodaka Ace 100,  125 Wombat, Fugi, parts

    Hodaka Ace 100, 125 Wombat, Fugi, parts