1. james ackerman

    Wtb power products ah58 exhaust header!!

    Looking for a header or really any type of exhaust that will vit my application. What's out there?
  2. smwtnbndr

    Power products AH58 like new

    Got this a while back and gonna fire it tomorrow.
  3. Scottessey

    Power Products AH58

    I recently picked up a Power Products AH58. I had been looking for one for awhile, and had even put a wanted ad in the local Craigslist. (Later, I realized how rare these engines are and that it was a longshot but that ad turned into some pretty cool connections) I was able to get the engine...
  4. Scottessey

    Power Products AH58 air filter

    Hey Fellas, I'm looking for an air filter like this one. Please, let me know if you happen to have one. Thanks! :thumbsup: Feel free to post a pic of yours even if you happen to have one that's not for sale. I'd love to see one.
  5. C

    AH58 Port Timing Diagram

    Hello, Need to get a hold of some old data on the AH58 engines. The port timing difference between an AH58 and AH58S. Thanks in advance. Mark
  6. KustomKartKid

    WANTED: Power Products AH58 2 Stroke Speed Equip

    Looking for a Power Products AH58 complete motor or accessories..... Cold hard cash or lots of cool stuff for trade....send PM please..thanks!

    WTB AH58 parts

    Particularly recoil parts & housings, mounts, etc.
  8. Karterman

    Wanted: Power Products AH58

    I'm starting to restore a Taco 66 and need a Power Products AH58 engine for it. Please let me know if you have one you're willing to part with and how much you want for it shipped to 94506. Thanks!!! KM