Wtb power products ah58 exhaust header!!


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the Clinton E65 engines have the same pattern and will work on the PP AH engines if that helps any. I lost his contact info, but a guy repops or had repopped the clinton megaphone style that face straight up or down depending on where you want it. I had bought one a few years ago to try and do something with, but just gave up and sold it (the header) off. Member Ratfink396 put me in touch with the fellow that made the headers though so if that will work maybe send a PM to Ratfink.

Here was that header on my AH61
Only current repops I know of are Vince's. You're probably aware.

Could also try Hotrodricky here, as they were repopping stuff last year or two years ago for Clintons anyway.

Vince: exhausts He some Reed designed stuff that clears.