1. B

    Need info on heathkit boonie bikes

    I am wondering if you could help me out with some info I need to help me fix my boonie I just picked up. I like the look of it the way it is so I don't really plan on cleaning it up much and want to keep the 'patina' look. What engines were offered with the boonie bikes? this one is a 4 hp...
  2. David wulf

    Lucedale Ms flat track bikes

    Like it says these are my flat track bikes that iam taking down south to do battle with . My original 1970 Powell challenger model E ,My brothers 1967 Powell model B . Both are powered by slightly modified Briggs flatty's. The third bike is the somewhat famous super Powell . It has been lowered...
  3. Taco Loco Joe

    Truck load of Mini Bikes!!!!

    So I'm walking to work in Downtown San Francisco and There's a Contractors Truck stuffed with at least 6 mini bikes all chained together. I wanted to leave my # on the wind shield. Try asking people walking by for a pen in this City Lol! I'm 2 blocks from work . Any how I went back and some guy...
  4. Davis

    How fast are your vintage bikes

    How fast are they and no China bikes or stretched or crazy modified vintage bikes no drag bikes just riders any motor works?
  5. D

    New to OldMiniBikes but not bikes

    Hi folks. I just picked up a ct200 a couple weeks ago and wouldn't mind getting a little mod advice.
  6. Sixpac440

    Fixed bikes ... pics and a plug!! Dorothy is still on simmer ...

    My Dorothy project has been on simmer while other projects have taken precedence. jeep4me needed some struts made for this bonanza ... also at some point in it's life someone hacksawed the fork lowers off because everything was frozen ... Some PB Blaster, a torch, some 1/2" dowels and a lot...
  7. R67

    Taco mini bikes at Oceano Dunes

    Broke in my newly registered Taco 99 and 22 at the dunes. Had a great time. Doesn't work well on soft sand. Need to search for 6" wide paddle tires. I have a Taco 100 rear wheel I can use. click to watch video:
  8. J

    camping, 4 wheeling on mini bikes.

    Not sure where to post this, but thought some of you might enjoy. I never did figure how many clutches they went thru!
  9. J

    What do you do with all your bikes?

    I see a lot of the same names building another bike. Do you have a stable with untold numbers of bikes? Or sell them? Are they hidden all over in hopes the wife never finds them? I am single so the wife isn't a problem, but I see this as some sort of addiction and I am starting to twitch a...
  10. Possom point

    2 Baja mini bikes in Maryland

    $275 for the both. Looks like a good deal for someone in Hollywood Maryland
  11. rubenski

    2 taco 44 mini bikes

    1968 taco mini bikes must have been bought together serial numbers are 1 number apart not in bad shape still purple under surface rust 1100 obo
  12. Valocalrep

    Camping with Mini Bikes??

    So im trying to get my brother and a few friends to pack up for a weekend at the end of the summer and go off camping. We mainly want somewhere that we can fish and ride mini bikes. I know most of the guys and gals on here have been around and traveled. Does anyone know some where near Virginia...
  13. olddog

    North Jersey - Mini Bikes

    ARCO Mini Bikes
  14. drenchedgremlin

    Have a couple bikes & wheels to identify.

    I picked these up today from someone i was buying a motor off of. for $100 he threw in these two bikes plus an extra 3hp briggs & a baja motor(lol). Im not real excited about the chopper looking frame because it has a bunch of welds & bends but i coulnt turn down the deal because got plenty of...
  15. thejoker

    So I picked up a few new bikes

    So what do you think?
  16. Gatecrasher

    New HQ Steel Sprockets & Chain Kits for Kawasaki MT1 & KV75 Mini Bikes

    NEW STEEL REPLACEMENT SPROCKETS & CHAIN KITS FOR KAWASAKI MT1 & KV75 MINIBIKES Superior in quality to the original Kawasaki sprockets! 33 tooth rear sprocket is shot-peened and zinc plated to resist corrosion (replaces Kawasaki P/N 42041-086) 13 tooth front sprocket is...
  17. B

    WANTED: George Barris Orig. MOD SCENE and ALL other Barris bikes. TOP $$$ Paid. No BS

    WANTED: George Barris Orig. MOD SCENE and ALL other Barris mini bikes and parts. TOP $$$ Paid for a complete and original Mod Scene. No BS. If you know someone who has a Mod Scene please make the connection and a Finders Fee will be paid upon purchase. Wanted to complete our Barris collection...
  18. B

    Wanted: Geo. Barris Republic/ Stellar mini bikes and parts. Any condition.

    Top Dollar Paid!!!!! I am looking for mini bikes built BY Republic and Stellar in NY. George Barris bikes - we will pay Top Dollar for any and all bikes and parts. Complete mini bikes, rollers or parts. Top dollar paid for the correct mini bikes. Please send an email
  19. C

    new to mini bikes and need a little wisdom

    I bought an old mini bike from my nephew and I need an axle for the back. I am not 100% sure on how to measure for it. It is 8" between the mounting points, so I'm guessing I need a 10" axle with 1" thread...I know it is a 5/8 diameter. I appreciate an assistance
  20. aarron

    Detroit Autorama Mini Bikes?

    I did a quick search but came up with nothing. Was there a good showing of mini bikes at the Ridler this year? I wasn't able to make it up there. If so, any pics to share? :thumbsup: