1. T

    1971 Bridgestone CHIBI By Rockford Mini Bike

    1971 Bridgestone CHIBI By Rockford Mini Bike On Ebay
  2. Ding Ding

    1971 Bridgestone Rockford Chibi

    Here's something you don't see every day.... 1971 Bridgestone Rockford Chibi mini bike
  3. thejunkman

    New project, Bridgestone 200 RS

    It has been a while but here is another project I am working on, slowly. I got other videos coming out as well. Here is my Bridgestone 200 RS project. You can also see where I pulled this bike out of in another video. Finding the bike barn find - Motorcycle How to and Repair Update...
  4. The Restore Kid

    Rockford Chibi - Bridgestone sidecover & stuff

    Buddies picked up a pretty nice Chibi I guess.. Needs the cover that goes over the carb, and I wanna say something else..
  5. Vintage_bike_nut

    Bridgestone Slick

    I have a used bridgestone slick, it is in pretty good condition yet, it is a tubeless tire. dimensions are 6/11.0-5 $20 plus shipping
  6. jeep4me

    Bridgestone Tires

    Picked up these Bridgestone racing gokart tires, with aluminum wheels, this weekend. Thought someone here might be interested in them. Two of them hold air, two not so much. The two that don't hold air, leak it from between the wheel halfs. So I'm thinking that once the get bolted down to an...
  7. Strigoi

    Bridgestone 5.0/11-6 slick

    I'm going to be slowly selling off all my mini bike stuff and this is the start. I was going to use this on my DB project but I've lost interest in mini bikes so everything is getting sold. It's a used Bridgestone 5.0/11-6 slick that's in good shape. $20 + actual shipping from 94596...
  8. midwestkustomz

    Dunlop & Bridgestone mini drag bike slicks

    4 used -Bridgestone 11 x 6 x 5 slicks. 2 shipped - $30 (USA) paypal 4 shipped - $40 2 used Bridgestone 10 x 4.5 x 5 slicks $30 shipped (USA) paypal 2 used Dunlop 11 x 5.5 x 6 $30 shipped (USA) paypal location Cambridge,IL
  9. minibikedude

    Bridgestone,2.75-10" tire

    I got one slightly used Bridgestone M40, 2.75-10 38J it says on the side walls. I believe these are the tires used on the CRF50 / XR50 with the 10 inch spoke wheels and other small bikes. I see nothing wrong with it and there is a lot of tread on it. 10 bucks + Shipping. I would think...
  10. george3

    Bridgestone rockford chibi parts

    I have two chibis, alot of parts. dont need them. I bought them for a couple parts. the rest I dont need. might have what you need.
  11. george3

    Bridgestone rockford chibi

    I picked up two of these chibi mini bikes this weekend. I just need a couple parts. I will be listing some parts in the mini bike parts section for anybody who will be needing them.
  12. george3

    1970 bridgestone rockford chibi

    I am working on a chibi mini bike. I was going to trade for another project, still might, It is missing the tank, some rust but almost unused. This mini bike is unbelieveable. every thing I take apart is brand new looking. the forks, no ware at all like they are new inside. the rear brake new...
  13. george3

    bridgestone mini bike gastank wanted

    bridgestone mini bike gastank wanted in good cond.
  14. B

    what is it worth 1969 bridgestone 50,pls help i may purchase.

    hey yall i am looking to purchase this bridgestone 50 mini scooter, about how much do you guys think its worth right as it sits, it runs? and how much if its restored 100%, does any body have a clue i cant find anything on this thing. thank you any input would be greatly appreciated. guy said it...
  15. Minico pictures

    Minico pictures

    Pictures of an unknown beast that I dragged out a basement in the Western NY area.