1. drenchedgremlin

    Have a couple bikes & wheels to identify.

    I picked these up today from someone i was buying a motor off of. for $100 he threw in these two bikes plus an extra 3hp briggs & a baja motor(lol). Im not real excited about the chopper looking frame because it has a bunch of welds & bends but i coulnt turn down the deal because got plenty of...
  2. piglet

    A couple of lil indian questions

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me why my lil indian has only one fender. I've looked it doesn't look like there was ever a bracket on the forks. All the other ones I've seen have both fenders or none. Also was wondering the best way to clean up the wheels. Thanks in advance.
  3. trinik7597

    found a couple nice ones yesterday

    Found a couple nice semi survivors yesterday .. bc500 and a cat 300x
  4. Stitch

    A couple new do-dads for my DB30

    I got bored yesterday, so I made a new decal :devil2: and a fuel bottle carrier for my Doodlebug. I like the thought of a little extra fuel for the trail. New Carlisle tires going on today...
  5. G

    WTB a couple of Super Bronc parts

    Trying to restore my Super Bronc. Need a set of fork boots and a jackshaft assembly. Also would like a fuel tank. Let me know what you've got and what you're asking for it.
  6. Rubberduck79

    A couple Super Bronc questions

    Has anyone tried this brake setup? They say it's fits the 40/41 chain sprocket also does anyone know a decent front brake setup I could use for the front? I know they had the original brake on the clutch but I'm not a fan of a chain between my rear brakes and the ground. Also does anyone have...
  7. 125ccCrazy

    Looking for a couple hs40 model numbers so I can try to locate a crank.

    I have an hs40 engine I'm gathering parts for to rebuild for a member here and his crank is shot, The shroud on this engine may not be the correct one and the part number that comes up for this model is NLA, his is the extended shaft for a TC but he told me a shorter crank will work for his...
  8. B

    Got my first Heald today! Couple questions for the pros out there

    Picked this up today. I am very happy! Not the original engine in it but I have the original with it I think. Can anyone help me with the following? It says "Trail Bronc" on it. What is if any difference between the Trail and the Super Bronc? What should be the original engine? Any chance...
  9. B

    Newby to the site. I have a Heald, couple quick questions

    I have just purchased a Heald. Runs and drives and is all there except the clutch cover which I understand is hard to come by. It says Trail bronc on it. It has 21-10-8 tires and not stock engine but I have the stock one. It's either an 8 or 10 Tecumseh I believe. Quick questions. What if...
  10. C

    Couple of frames ???

    I was thinking Lil Indian for the rusty one(was originally blue), it has a metal plate on the engine mount, number 11177 but no date code, and I don't know on the yellow?
  11. nds1968

    Couple vintages bikes in the Pittsburgh area

    Not mine
  12. B

    Looking at a couple rollers one is a Indian ?

    I'm picking up a couple rollers this week and one says Indian but I haven't been able to find much on them or if they really made one or someone just put the sticker on it. Thanks.
  13. C

    Couple of questions please...

    I have 2 Powell Challengers, serial #4320-D and 4316-D. Wondering if someone can tell me the year of manufacture. AND more importantly, I am in the process of restoring... Gas tanks are a mess with rust inside. B&S 5hp motors, anyone have a special trick to remove the rust? I have tried a number...
  14. Not so mini bike

    Couple of foxes

    Well I ended up picking up acouple more bikes this morning. The desert fox is mostly complete. The engine is a Tecumseh ah817mb Not sure what hp that is but it's cool. Plastic seat flaring is cracked some on the one side but not to bad. Maybe with some warmer weather I can try and fire it up...
  15. R

    Best Method for Identifying a Couple Thousand Vintage Mini Bike Parts

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and pretty new to mini bikes, so bear with me. I fix, restore, and part out vintage motorcycles from 1965-85 and recently bought a large collection of motorcycle and mini bike parts, mainly for the Harley Aermacchi parts. The seller wouldn't sell anything separately...
  16. cruhr1

    Couple of engines I restored

    Here are a few pics of the engines I just finished restoring. The black one is an HS40 with lighted coil from my 71 speedway scorpion and the white one is a '66 Briggs 3hp from my Fox Campus. The Hs40 was a pretty extensive rebuild with new piston, rings, valves and gaskets. The Briggs was in...
  17. E

    DB 30 - Couple of Questions

    Picked up my first used DB30 (the older bright green one). It's completely stock and needs the following things: brake cable, throttle cable/twist throttle, and rear tire. 1: The brake cable has a kink in it so I was just going to pick up a new cable housing for a bike brake - make sense...
  18. thejoker

    Got a couple of rough ones the other day.

    Not sure what I'm going to do with the Rupp. But I have been looking for another manco delta one chopper for a while. I just wish it wasn't so rough.
  19. SimpleTom

    Picked up a couple engines at a car show/swap today

    The swap meet was pretty slim pickings for mini bikes in general but I did happen to find a couple more NOS Tecumseh engines in boxes today. First is this HS40 which the guy stole the carb off of for a mini bike he had that had a bad carb. I already have a new carb sitting on the shelf for...
  20. braaaaap

    Got a good deal on a couple of motors

    A Clinton A400 and a JLO L99. The Clinton will run with a little work and the JLO is NOS. Will hopefully have both in bikes in not too long. Let the braaping begin! Looking for parts for the Clinton.